2DM研究文章|M-site composition in solid solution TiyNb2-yCTx MXenes

29 3月 2023 gabriels
High electrical conductivity is desired in MXene films for applications such as electromagnetic interference shielding, antennas, and electrodes for electrochemical energy storage and conversion applications. Due to the acid etching-based synthesis method, it is challenging to deconvolute the relative importance that factors such as chemical composition and flake size contribute to resistivity. To understand the intrinsic and extrinsic contributions to the macroscopic electronic transport properties, a systematic study controlling compositional and structural parameters was conducted with eight solid solutions in the TiyNb2−yCTx system. In particular, we investigated the different roles played by metal (M)-site composition, flake size, and d-spacing on macroscopic transport. Hard x-ray photoemission spectroscopy and spectroscopic ellipsometry revealed changes to electronic structure induced by the M-site alloying. Consistent with the spectroscopic results, the low- and room-temperature conductivities and effective carrier mobility are correlated with the Ti content, while the impact of flake size and d-spacing is most prominent in low-temperature transport. The results provide guidance for designing and engineering MXenes with a wide range of conductivities.


Correlating electronic properties with M-site composition in solid solution TiyNb2-yCTx MXenes 

Yizhou Yang, Meikang Han, Christopher E Shuck, Raj K Sah, Jay R Paudel, Alexander X Gray, Yury Gogotsi and Steven J May


  • Steven J May,美国德雷塞尔大学


2D Materials

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  • 2D Materials(2DM)是一本重要的高质量交叉学科期刊,将基础研究与迅速发展的新材料及应用汇集在一起。期刊从多学科的视角出发,力争涵盖石墨烯研究的各个方面,及其它二维材料的相关研究。文章内容包括:石墨烯和石墨烯衍生材料;硅和锗/锗烷氮化硼;二维拓扑绝缘子;复合氧化物;复合材料;新型二维分层结构。