2DM研究文章|Ti–Cl bonds decorated Ti2NTx MXene用于高性能锂离子电池

16 3月 2023 gabriels
Transition metal carbides or nitrides, collectively known as MXenes, are burgeoning two-dimensional materials for energy conversion and storage. The surface chemistry of MXenes could be specially tuned by the modified surface terminations, which directly influences their physicochemical properties. However, the in-depth study and understanding of the specific microstructure and the influence on the electrochemical performance of these terminations remain lacking. Herein, we present an accordion layered Ti2NTx MXene with –Cl and –O terminations obtained from copper chloride molten salt etching at a relatively low temperature. X-ray absorption fine structure and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analyses reveal the formation of Ti–Cl and Ti–O bonds on the surface of Ti2NTx MXene. Density functional theory calculations further suggest that the surface terminations tend to be replaced by –O terminations after Ti–Cl decoration, which implies promising lithium-ion storage performance due to the high lithium affinity of –O terminations. As a result, the Ti2NTx MXene based electrode delivers a high reversible capacity (303.4 mAh g−1 at 100 mA g−1), stable cycling capability (1200 cycles without capacity attenuation), and fast Li+ storage (52% capacity retention at 32 C). This work provides a new vision for MXene surface chemistry and an effective avenue to prepare high-performance nitride electrodes, expanding the diversity and controllability of the MXenes family.


Ti–Cl bonds decorated Ti2NTx MXene towards high-performance lithium-ion batteries

Yuyang Cao, Shiqiang Wei, Quan Zhou, Pengjun Zhang, Changda Wang, Kefu Zhu, Wenjie Xu, Xin Guo, Xiya Yang, Yixiu Wang, Xiaojun Wu, Shuangming Chen and Li Song


  • 陈双明,中国科学技术大学


2D Materials

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  • 2D Materials(2DM)是一本重要的高质量交叉学科期刊,将基础研究与迅速发展的新材料及应用汇集在一起。期刊从多学科的视角出发,力争涵盖石墨烯研究的各个方面,及其它二维材料的相关研究。文章内容包括:石墨烯和石墨烯衍生材料;硅和锗/锗烷氮化硼;二维拓扑绝缘子;复合氧化物;复合材料;新型二维分层结构。