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01 9月 2023 gabriels



  • 胡志远,中山大学
  • 黄昕,南京大学
  • 许明月,中国科学技术大学
  • 赵纯,中国科学技术大学
  • 陆高鹏,中国科学技术大学


The Earth’s atmosphere is a natural laboratory, in which a wide variety of atmospheric physical processes takes place. These processes such as radiation, convection, and aerosol movement play important roles in shaping the Earth’s energy and water cycles. During recent decades, the global/regional meteorology, climate and environment have experienced unprecedented changes under global warming, which not only have a great impact on society and the economy but also seriously exert far-reaching impacts on both human lives and health. Therefore, revealing the atmospheric physical processes is critical to advancing our understanding and predicting of the meteorology, climate and environmental changes and their impacts.

Also, the rapid industrialization and urbanization have resulted in considerable increases in anthropogenic emissions of gases and particulates and exacerbates air quality. The main air pollutants include the soot, carbon dioxide, and sulfide produced by burning fossil fuels, as well as the carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides emitted from automobile exhaust. For example, to address air pollution, China has taken many measures to address air pollution since 2013. It has achieved many successes, but air quality is still not optimistic and need to continue to increase efforts to prevent and control air pollution.

This Research Topic calls for papers that can improve our understanding of the characteristics of meteorology, climate and environment under current global changes by using observations, satellite remote sensing and numerical models. We aim to further explore the characteristics of atmospheric processes and atmospheric environment.

The potential Research Topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • The atmospheric physical processed of extreme weather and climate events
  • Impacts of climate change on extreme weather events and air pollution
  • Studies addressing future climate and environmental changes
  • The observations and modeling of aerosol climatic effect
  • Quantify the source contributions of dust and polluted aerosols
  • The observations and modeling of aerosol microphysical and optical properties.
  • The potential environmental health risks and impacts of air pollution and related determining factors
  • Advanced technologies to study the links between climate change, aerosol pollution and health risk.





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