ERCL特刊征稿|Climate Variability and Change: Causes, Consequences and Solutions

21 11月 2022 gabriels



This is the inaugural focus collection of Environmental Research: Climate. The journal is aimed at understanding the causes, consequences and solutions of climate variability and change. Edited by this journal’s Editorial Board, this inaugural focus collection is likewise aimed at documenting and exploring the frontiers of research across the journal’s scope. While study of the climate system began more than a century ago, in the past two decades there has been a true explosion of climate research. That research has spanned the physical and biogeochemical causes of climate variability and change, the biological and human dimensions of climate impacts, and the technological, behavioral and policy dimensions of climate change mitigation and adaptation. From that mix of disciplinary, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research, a coherent field is taking shape. The goal of this focus collection is to explore the frontiers of that field, in order to chart the future directions of the journal and of climate research more broadly. The focus collection will thus consider original research Letters and Papers, Topical Reviews, Roadmaps, and Perspectives across the full range of research in the causes, consequences and solutions of climate variability and change.




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Environmental Research: Climate

  • Environmental Research: Climate(ERCL)是一本多学科、开放获取的期刊,致力于解决有关物理科学的重要挑战以及气候系统和全球变化的评估,并在影响/未来风险、复原力、环境减缓、环境适应、环境安全和最广泛意义上的解决方案方面进行努力。我们鼓励所有的研究方法,包括定性、定量、实验、理论和应用方法。