ERE特刊征稿|Terrestrial Biosphere Models: State of the Science

07 8月 2023 gabriels
Reproduced with permission from the Annual Review of Environment and Resources, Volume 39 © 2014 by Annual Reviews,



  • Joshua Fisher,美国查普曼大学
  • Nikolaos Fyllas,希腊爱琴大学
  • Jennifer Holm,美国劳伦斯伯克利国家实验室
  • George Hurtt,美国马里兰大学



Terrestrial Biosphere Models (TBMs) are valuable tools that summarize our current understanding of the structure and function of terrestrial ecosystems and project how they respond to changing environmental conditions. The temporal and spatial scale of TBMs application ranges from seconds to millennia and from a few hundred square meters to the globe. Realistic and accurate TBMs are needed to help understand how the Earth’s biosphere has changed in the past, and to project how it will respond to potential future changes in land-use and climate.
This Focus Collection aims to bring together research articles, reviews, and perspectives on the recent advances in the development and application of Terrestrial Biosphere Models. We encourage submissions that describe new advances in TBMs:

  • Development including physiology, allometry, biogeochemistry, demographic processes, biodiversity, and other features
  • Theory, scaling, spatial and temporal resolution, computation etc
  • Calibration, validation, testing, and initialization with remote sensing and other data
  • Applications, moving from the theoretical to their practical use





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