EREN特刊征稿|Focus on Global Coal Transitions

30 4月 2024 gabriels



  • Max Woodworth,美国俄亥俄州立大学
  • Jeffrey Jacquet,美国俄亥俄州立大学



Reductions in coal production and consumption occurring unevenly around the world are driving a wide variety of social, economic, political, and environmental impacts. The coal transition is multifaceted, with the closure of surface and subsurface mines, power plants and related infrastructure all having different effects that unfold over years or decades. Further complicating transitions are macro policy and social factors that influence not only the coal and energy industries, but the communities where those industries have been based for generations.

There is an urgent need to coordinate academic and policy work focused on coal transitions and foster mutual understanding and sharing of insights from diverse transition experiences.

This special focus issue on Global Coal Transitions creates an opportunity to showcase the state of knowledge about:

  • The social and economic costs and benefits of the transition away from coal in regions across the world.
  • Comparison of coal transition trajectories in US and international contexts.
  • Innovative best practices for managing coal transition at scales from local to national, including strategies for economic development, revenue distribution, community planning, workforce retraining, and alternative forms of energy development.
  • Consequences for international relations and security amid coal industry disruptions.
  • The interaction of environmental change with quality of life and indicators of health and well-being.
  • Questions of equity and justice in coal transition patterns and outcomes.
  • The efficacy of existing regulatory and governance regimes.
  • Social acceptance and risk perception of energy technologies and transition; and many other issues.




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