ERL特刊精选|Household Energy, Sustainability and Justice

22 12月 2023 gabriels
Africa, Village Life, Cooking, Routine - An African Girl Cooking Corn Maze, their Staple Food on a wood fire stove under a hut



  • Ambuj Sagar,印度理工学院德里分校
  • Ajay Pillarisetti,美国埃默里大学


This special issue is intended to be a tribute to Kirk Smith and be reflective of his research interests and contributions. Therefore, the focus of the volume will be on the intersections between household energy and sustainability, with a particular emphasis on issues relating to justice and fairness. We expect the special issue to cover topics ranging from household energy requirements for decent living standards; household energy, climate, and health; state and evolution of national policies and programs to promote a clean household energy transition; and household energy and health.
Most special collection articles are invited, but unsolicited contributions are encouraged. If you believe you have a suitable research letter article in preparation please send your pre-submission query either to the journal publishing team or to one of the Guest Editors listed above. The collection also welcomes proposals for perspectives or review articles.



Remembering Kirk Smith: our very own friend and teacher

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Remembering Kirk Smith: a life in science and service

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Reduction potentials for particulate emissions from household energy in India

Nicholas L Lam et al 2023 Environ. Res. Lett. 18 054009


Quantifying the impacts of clean cooking transitions on future health-age trajectories in South Africa

Arda Aktas et al 2022 Environ. Res. Lett. 17 055001


Use, cost-effectiveness, and end user perspectives of a home solar lighting intervention in rural Uganda: a mixed methods, randomized controlled trial

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Just and fair household energy transition in rural Latin American households: are we moving forward?

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Decent living gaps and energy needs around the world

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A conceptual framework for evaluating cooking systems

Tami C Bond et al 2022 Environ. Res. Lett. 17 031002


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