ERL特刊征稿|Focus on Health-Centred Climate Solutions

26 7月 2023 gabriels



  • 蔡闻佳,清华大学
  • Meghnath Dhimal,尼泊尔健康研究委员会
  • Ian Hamilton,英国伦敦大学学院
  • Stella Hartinger,秘鲁卡耶塔诺埃雷迪亚大学
  • 张弛,北京理工大学
  • 张颖,澳大利亚悉尼大学


Climate Change is a health crisis and needs to be declared as a public health emergency. The most appealing reason why we should tackle climate change is to protect and improve the health and wellbeing of this generation and the next ones. Despite the deepening understanding of how climate impacts health, the knowledge on how we should design climate adaptation and mitigation policies for a better health or even maximize health co-benefits are still lacking. Therefore, this special collection aims to encourage or catalyse more thoughts, methods and data that can serve to achieve this objective. Topics related to the impacts of climate change on health, as well as responses to address the health impacts of climate actions are also welcomed. To summarize, this special collection aims to deepen the understanding of climate-health linkages, emphasize the urgency of climate actions for health and provide a collage of practical tools and methods to make suggestions on health-centred climate solutions.
Key areas covered:

  • The pathway of climate change’s impact on health (especially new impact pathways, compound and cascading effects)
  • Projection of future health risks under climate change and the inequality issues (especially on vulnerable and unheard groups)
  • Analysis of policies and measures to address health impact of climate change at global/national/ sub-national/regional/city/community level (especially tailored-made policies and measures)
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of adaptation and mitigation policies to reduce health impacts or achieve health co-benefits
  • Incorporating health concerns into adaptation and mitigation strategy and policy making
  • Good practices on climate change and health adaptation and mitigation





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