ERL特刊征稿|Groundwater and Society

14 6月 2024 gabriels



  • Danielle Grogan,美国新罕布什尔大学
  • Shan Zuidema,美国新罕布什尔大学
  • Iman Haqiqi,美国普渡大学



Groundwater is a natural resource often studied by natural systems scientists, but groundwater extraction and use are human activities driven by economics, institutional norms and regulations, and technological access at local, national, and global scales. Unlike surface water, the physical properties of aquifers are highly spatially variable in three dimensions, and difficult to measure due to both spatial variability and the simple fact that they are underground. Recent advances in hydrologic observations and modelling are beginning to make headway in tackling these challenges, which has led to the emergence of new collaborations, methods, and findings in the connection between groundwater and human systems.

This Focus Collection will bring together papers from experts in the emerging field of continental- to global-scale groundwater modelling with natural resource economists and other social scientists. Papers can be fully within a single discipline, but we particularly encourage studies that advance methods and findings in the interdisciplinary space of groundwater and society. Topics include:

  • Defining sustainable groundwater use across disciplines.
  • Methods and approaches to interdisciplinarity in groundwater studies
  • Groundwater and global change: both natural system responses and human drivers establishing complex interactions between groundwater and water-using sectors including but not limited to:
    • Agriculture
    • Energy
    • Urban development
    • Coastal systems
  • Current state of the art in understanding groundwater supply, usage, and dynamics of both across sectors
  • The impact of mining essential resources on groundwater volumes and quality. Including but not limited to the emerging topic of lithium mining
  • Groundwater and trade: methods for understanding how groundwater is embedded in trade products as ‘virtual water’, but also how trade itself impact demand for and use of groundwater resources
  • Socio-environmental systems modelling methods and evaluation in groundwater studies, including:
    • What questions are most appropriate for different modelling frameworks?
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of different modelling approaches to this topic?





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