01 12月 2022 gabriels


  • Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

Diamond—the ultimate material for exploring physics of spin-defects for quantum technologies and diamondtronics

Dhruba Das, Rahul Raj, Jayanta Jana, Subhajit Chatterjee, K L Ganapathi, Maneesh Chandran and M S Ramachandra Rao


Opportunities and challenges of low-dimensional hybrid metal halides in white light-emitting diodes

Qionghua Mo, Yingrui Shi, Wensi Cai, Shuangyi Zhao, Yuansong Ying and Zhigang Zang


Thin-film electronics on active substrates: review of materials, technologies and applications

Federica Catania, Hugo de Souza Oliveira, Pasindu Lugoda, Giuseppe Cantarella and Niko Münzenrieder


  • Flexible and Printed Electronics

Fully solution-processed, light-weight, and ultraflexible organic solar cells

Ezgi Nur Güler, Andreas Distler, Robin Basu, Christoph J Brabec and Hans-Joachim Egelhaaf


Stretchable inkjet-printed electronics on mechanically compliant island-bridge architectures covalently bonded to elastomeric substrates

Manuel Pietsch, Stefan Schlisske, Martin Held, Patrick Maag and Gerardo Hernandez-Sosa


Recent progresses of organic photonic synaptic transistors

Zhonghui Deng, Bosheng Zhou, Yunchao Xu, Chenxing Jin, Wanrong Liu, Biao Liu, Jia Sun and Junliang Yang


  • 2D Materials

From the synthesis of hBN crystals to their use as nanosheets in van der Waals heterostructures

Camille Maestre, Yangdi Li, Vincent Garnier, Philippe Steyer, Sébastien Roux, Alexandre Plaud, Annick Loiseau, Julien Barjon, Lei Ren, Cedric Robert et al


Two-dimensional materials for aqueous zinc-ion batteries

Songshan Bi, Huimin Wang, Rui Wang and Zhiqiang Niu


Printing of MXene-based materials and the applications: a state-of-the-art review

Xiyue Chen, Ruxue Yang and Xin Wu


  • Environmental Research Letters

Ground-level ozone pollution in China: a synthesis of recent findings on influencing factors and impacts

Tao Wang, Likun Xue, Zhaozhong Feng, Jianing Dai, Yingnan Zhang and Yue Tan


Increases of extreme heat-humidity days endanger future populations living in China

Huopo Chen, Wenyue He, Jianqi Sun and Lefeng Chen


China’s power transformation may drastically change employment patterns in the power sector and its upstream supply chains

Sili Zhou, Bin Chen Wendong Wei, Zhaohui Liu, Song Song, Kuishuang Feng and Jiashuo Li