31 5月 2023 gabriels



Environmental Research Letters

Remote participatory research has logistical benefits, but presents scientific and ethical challenges

Timothée Fouqueray, Ann Lévesque, Katrine Turgeon, Jean-François Bissonnette, Sophie Calmé and Jérôme Dupras


Net zero targets in science and policy

Joeri Rogelj


Environmental Research Communications

Understanding the carbon dioxide removal range in 1.5 °C compatible and high overshoot pathways

Ruben Prütz, Jessica Strefler, Joeri Rogelj and Sabine Fuss


Carbon dioxide removal to combat climate change? An expert survey on perception and support

Christoph Kerner, Annina Thaller and Thomas Brudermann



Nanodiamond surface as a photoluminescent pH sensor

Yaraslau Padrez, Lena Golubewa, Anastasiya Bahdanava, Marija Jankunec, Ieva Matulaitiene, Dmitry Semenov, Renata Karpicz, Tatsiana Kulahava, Yuri Svirko and Polina Kuzhir


A route for the top-down fabrication of ordered ultrathin GaN nanowires

M Oliva, V Kaganer, M Pudelski, S Meister, A Tahraoui, L Geelhaar, O Brandt and T Auzelle


Materials Research Express

Influence of process parameters on the microstructure and mechanical properties of friction stir welds of AA2014 and AA6063 aluminium alloys using response surface methodology

M Ramamurthy, P Balasubramanian, N Senthilkumar and G Anbuchezhiyan


Dielectric permittivity, conductivity and breakdown field of hexagonal boron nitride

A Pierret, D Mele, H Graef, J Palomo, T Taniguchi, K Watanabe, Y Li, B Toury, C Journet, P Steyer, V Garnier, A Loiseau, J-M Berroir, E Bocquillon, G Fève, C Voisin, E Baudin, M Rosticher and B Plaçais


Physica Scripta

Comparison of empirical models using experimental results of electrical submersible pump under two-phase flow: numerical and empirical model validation

Asad Ali, Qiaorui Si, Biaobiao Wang, Jianping Yuan, Peng Wang, Ghulam Rasool, Ashkan Shokrian, Amjad Ali and Muhammad Awais Zaman


A new discrete chaotic map application in image encryption algorithm

Feifei Yang, Xinlei An and Li xiong