31 7月 2023 gabriels



Environmental Research Letters

Positive effects of projected climate change on post-disturbance forest regrowth rates in northeastern North American boreal forests

Victor Danneyrolles, Yan Boucher, Richard Fournier and Osvaldo Valeria


A systems perspective on water markets: barriers, bright spots, and building blocks for the next generation

Dustin Garrick, Soumya Balasubramanya, Melissa Beresford, Amber Wutich, Gina G Gilson, Isabel Jorgensen, Nicholas Brozović, Michael Cox, Xiaoping Dai, Sophie Erfurth, Renata Rimšaitė, Jesper Svensson, Julia Talbot Jones, Hita Unnikrishnan, Charles Wight, Sergio Villamayor-Tomas and Karla Vazquez Mendoza


Environmental Research Communications

Science and policy lessons learned from a decade of adaptation to the emergent risk of sargassum proliferation across the tropical Atlantic

Victoria Dominguez Almela, Kwasi Appeaning Addo, Jack Corbett, Janice Cumberbatch, Jadu Dash, Robert Marsh, Hazel Oxenford, Thierry Tonon, Sien Van Der Plank, Mona Webber and Emma L Tompkins


Green human resource management and job pursuit intention: mediating role of corporate social responsibility and organizational reputation

Qiuhong Wang, Md. Abu Issa Gazi, Farid Ahammad Sobhani, Abdullah Al Masud, Md Aminul Islam and Tahmina Akter




Multilayer WSe2/ZnO heterojunctions for self-powered, broadband, and high-speed photodetectors

Hamidreza Ghanbari, Amin Abnavi, Amirhossein Hasani, Fahmid Kabir, Ribwar Ahmadi, Mohammad Reza Mohammadzadeh, Mirette Fawzy, Thushani De Silva and Michael M Adachi


Additive 3D photonic integration that is CMOS compatible

Adrià Grabulosa, Johnny Moughames, Xavier Porte, Muamer Kadic and Daniel Brunner


Materials Research Express

Bioactive Silvadur loaded polyacrylonitrile nanofibrous membranes for wound dressing applications

Maira Ayaz, Abdul Salam, Saif Ullah Khan, Muhammad Qamar Khan, Tanveer Hussain and Ick Soo Kim


Controllable synthesis and optoelectronic applications of wafer-scale MoS2 films

Youngchan Kim



Physica Scripta

Detection of glucose concentration using a surface plasmon resonance biosensor based on barium titanate layers and molybdenum disulphide sheets

Abdulkarem H M Almawgani, Sofyan A Taya, Malek G Daher, Ilhami Colak, Feng Wu and Shobhit K Patel


Reports on Progress in Physics

Statistical genetics in and out of quasi-linkage equilibrium

Vito Dichio, Hong-Li Zeng and Erik Aurell


Biomedical Science

Progress in Biomedical Engineering

Biorealistic hand prosthesis with compliance control and noninvasive somatotopic sensory feedback

Ning Lan, Jie Zhang, Zhuozhi Zhang, Chih-Hong Chou, William Zev Rymer, Chuanxin M Niu and Peng Fang



Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering

Distributed micro-energy harvesting for next generation of IoT in various scenarios

Yan Wang, Haonan Zhang, Mingyong Wang and Xiao-Sheng Zhang


Fatigue fracture mechanics in gold-based MEMS notched specimens: experimental and numerical study

Francesca Pistorio and Aurelio Somà


Journal of Optics

A multiband and multifunctional metasurface polarization converter using split-ring resonators

Hai Liu, Xiangyu Lu, Cong Chen, Peng Gao, Yaowei Dai, Jiaming Zhao, Yinhui Wan, Siyi Zhao, Xinyan Wang and Lei Li