28 9月 2023 gabriels



Quantum Science and Technology

Quantum state preparation using tensor networks

Ar A Melnikov, A A Termanova, S V Dolgov, F Neukart and M R Perelshtein


Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical

Exact solutions for a spin-orbit coupled ultracold atom held in a driven double well

Yunrong Luo, Xuemei Wang, Jia Yi, Wenjuan Li, Xin Xie, Zhida Luo and Wenhua Hai


Machine Learning: Science and Technology

CYJAX: A package for Calabi-Yau metrics with JAX

Mathis Gerdes and Sven Krippendorf


Physica Scripta

Simple design of a six-band terahertz perfect metasurface absorber based on a single resonator structure

Yongzhi Cheng and Jingcheng Zhao




Determination of electric and thermoelectric properties of molecular junctions by AFM in peak force tapping mode

Xintai Wang, Angelo Lamantia, Michael Jay, Hatef Sadeghi, Colin J Lambert, Oleg V Kolosov and Benjamin J Robinson


Materials Research Express

Experimental investigation on mechanical characterization of 3D printed PLA produced by fused deposition modeling (FDM)

Mahmoud Moradi, Ahmad Aminzadeh, Davood Rahmatabadi and Alireza Hakimi


Challenges and advantages of electrospun nanofibers in agriculture: a review

S Meraz-Dávila, C E Pérez-García and Ana A Feregrino-Perez



Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering

Distributed micro-energy harvesting for next generation of IoT in various scenarios

Yan Wang, Haonan Zhang, Mingyong Wang and Xiao-Sheng Zhang


Micromechanical vibro-impact systems: a review

Chun-Pu Tsai and Wei-Chang Li


JPhys Energy

Transforming characterization data into information in the case of perovskite solar cells

Thomas Kirchartz and Basita Das



Environmental Research Letters

Oil and natural gas wells across the NASA ABoVE domain: fugitive methane emissions and broader environmental impacts

Louise A Klotz, Oliver Sonnentag, Ziming Wang, Jonathan A Wang and Mary Kang


Understanding the spatiotemporal distribution of snow refugia in the rain-snow transition zone of north-central Idaho

Kaitlyn M Strickfaden, Adrienne M Marshall, Leona K Svancara, David E Ausband and Timothy E Link


Environmental Research Communications

Dynamical influence of MJO phases on the onset of Indian monsoon

S Lenka, Krushna Chandra Gouda, Rani Devi and C M Joseph


Environmental Research: Infrastructure and Sustainability

A global assessment of national road network vulnerability

Elco Koks, Julie Rozenberg, Mersedeh Tariverdi, Ben Dickens, Charles Fox, Kees van Ginkel and Stephane Hallegatte