JMM特刊征稿|Emerging Leaders 2025

26 6月 2024 gabriels



Our Emerging Leaders focus issue series aims to recognise the next generation of top scientists within a research community.

The collection appended below showcases work produced by a limited number of the most highly distinguished scientists in the early years of their research careers. We invite early career researchers who are within 10 years of completing their PhD to submit an original research paper. The collection will also feature invited contributions from researchers nominated by our Editorial Board.

Your contribution must:

  • Be an original research article and should not replicate a previous study.
  • Not be a review paper.
  • Make a significant advance or impact in your field of research and demonstrate a high level of technical and scientific rigour.

Articles published in this collection will be listed below.




作者可登入期刊主页进行在线投稿,在“文章类型”中选择“特刊文章”,并在“选择特刊”的下拉框中选择“Emerging Leaders 2025”。



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