JPCM特刊征稿|Electron quantum optics in Dirac materials

06 7月 2022 gabriels


Dario Bercioux, 西班牙Donostia国际物理研究中心

Alessandro De Martino, 伦敦大学城市学院

Reyes Calvo, 西班牙阿利坎特大学



This Special Issue aims to cover recent progress in the exploration of fundamental quantum phenomena and in the development of quantum technologies based on electron quantum optics (EQO). This research field deals with the propagation, interference, and manipulation of ballistic charge carriers in condensed matter systems in analogy to photons in quantum optical systems. Traditional platforms for EQO are two-dimensional semiconductor heterostructures in the quantum Hall regime. However, a rich and varied family of quantum materials has emerged in the last two decades, characterized by an electronic linear dispersion relation similar to that of photons. This property makes such systems ideal platforms for the exploration of new EQO phenomena. They include graphene and other two-dimensional materials, the edge states of two- and three-dimensional topological insulators, Weyl and Dirac semimetals. Some of these systems also allow the implementation of EQO without the need to work in the quantum Hall regime.

We aim at covering the following topics:

  • Electron quantum optics in controllable pn-junctions in Dirac materials
  • Electron manipulation and interferometric effects in Dirac materials nanostructures





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