JPCM特刊征稿|Emerging Leaders 2022

13 9月 2022 gabriels



Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter(JPCM) is proud to represent the condensed matter physics community, and as such, we are will be publishing a special issue bringing together the best early-career researchers from all areas of condensed matter physics.

An emerging leader is defined as a top researcher who completed their PhD in 2012 or later (10 years excluding career breaks). A limited number of early career researchers have been nominated by the journal’s Editorial Board as the most talented and exciting researchers in their generation. Our congratulations to all those nominated!

This special issue will cover a vast range of topics covered within the scope of JPCM, and will hopefully reflect the breadth of modern condensed matter physics.

Your contribution must:

  • Be an original research article and should not replicate a previous study.
  • Not be a Review paper.
  • Make a significant advance or impact on your field of research and demonstrate a high level of technical and scientific rigour.




作者可登入期刊主页进行在线投稿,在“文章类型”中选择“特刊文章”,并在“选择特刊”的下拉框中选择“Emerging Leaders 2022”。




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