JPhys Complexity特刊征稿|聚焦复杂性经济学的基础理论和应用

18 4月 2022 gabriels

  • 吕琳媛,电子科技大学基础与前沿研究院
  • Yi-Cheng Zhang ,瑞士弗里堡大学理论物理系
  • Luciano Pietronero,意大利罗马第一大学物理系


Since the 1990s, a growing number of economists and social scientists began to view the economy as a complex adaptive system, in which the aggregate behavior emerges from the interactions between its heterogeneous components. Out of this exploration has come to a new approach – complexity economics.

Applying leading-edge tools from complex systems science, such as complex networks and agent-based modeling, complexity economics has aroused considerable interest from various academic disciplines and provided new insights into a wide range of key issues in economics, innovation studies, and other social sciences in recent years. Complexity economics enables researchers to explore how an economy emerges and changes over time, understand how the macro patterns in the economy, such as financial crises, emerge from the micro-level behaviors and interactions of its agents, as well as quantitatively estimate the consequences of different policies. This focus issue aims to both reflect on past research success and look forward to the advances in complexity economics.

The focus issue is concerned with all aspects of complexity economics, topics addressed include, but are not limited to:

  • Theoretical study of complexity economics
  • Empirical applications of complexity to key issues in economics
  • Measuring economic complexity at multiple scales and using multiple data sources, and studying its evolution over time, organizations, and space
  • Analysis or modeling of economic networks
  • Time series of economics and business
  • Agent-based economic modeling
  • Economics of disease transmission
  • Implications for policymaking and firm strategy
  • The complexity of consumer markets and financial markets
  • Information economy and market matchmakers


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Journal of Physics: Complexity

Journal of Physics: Complexity(JphysComplexity)是一本开放获取期刊,发表包含物理学及其相关领域的概念和方法的重要研究成果,用于增进我们应对复杂系统和问题的理解,主要涵盖物理学、生物学、化学、环境科学、社会科学、经济学及相关领域。