JPhys Materials期刊2023年亮点文章

19 1月 2024 gabriels
我们汇总了2023年发表在JPhys Materials期刊发表的优秀文章,这些文章体现了期刊的高质量和创新性,涵盖了材料领域的多个学科。


感谢所有的作者和审稿人对JPhys Materials期刊的支持!希望您喜欢阅读这一合集

JPhys Materials期刊主编Stephan Roche

出版人Myla Lloyd

助理出版人Sophie Caldwell



Roadmap on biomaterials for women’s health

Kaitlin Fogg et al 2023 J. Phys. Mater. 6 012501


Roadmap on nanomedicine for the central nervous system

Gianni Ciofani et al 2023 J. Phys. Mater. 6 022501


Roadmap on commercialization of metal halide perovskite photovoltaics

Shien-Ping Feng et al 2023 J. Phys. Mater. 6 032501


Roadmap on energy harvesting materials

Vincenzo Pecunia et al 2023 J. Phys. Mater. 6 042501


Topical Review

Biomaterials of human source for 3D printing strategies

João Rocha Maia et al 2023 J. Phys. Mater. 6 012002



Anomalous Hall effect and two-dimensional Fermi surfaces in the charge-density-wave state of kagome metal RbV3Sb5

Lingfei Wang et al 2023 J. Phys. Mater. 6 02LT01



Spin-orbit torques due to extrinsic spin-orbit scattering of topological insulator surface states: out-of-plane magnetization

Mohsen Farokhnezhad et al 2023 J. Phys. Mater. 6 014002


Critical dopant concentrations govern integer and fractional charge-transfer phases in doped P3HT

Hannes Hase et al 2023 J. Phys. Mater. 6 014004


Low-voltage polymer transistors on hydrophobic dielectrics and surfaces

Ulrike Kraft et al 2023 J. Phys. Mater. 6 025001


P3HT vs Spiro-OMeTAD as a hole transport layer for halide perovskite indoor photovoltaics and self-powering of motion sensors

Shaoyang Wang et al 2023 J. Phys. Mater. 6 024004


New stable ultrawide bandgap As2O3 semiconductor materials

Yusuf Zuntu Abdullahi et al 2023 J. Phys. Mater. 6 025003


Requisites on material viscoelasticity for exceptional points in passive dynamical systems

Abhishek Gupta and Ramathasan Thevamaran 2023 J. Phys. Mater. 035011


Infernal and exceptional edge modes: non-Hermitian topology beyond the skin effect

M Michael Denner et al 2023 J. Phys. Mater. 6 045006


Decoding short-range order in cation-disordered rocksalt materials using Metropolis non-negative matrix factorisation

Xiao Hua et al 2023 J. Phys. Mater. 6 045007


Linear scaling approach for optical excitations using maximally localized Wannier functions

Konrad Merkel and Frank Ortmann 2024 J. Phys. Mater. 7 015001


JPhys Materials

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