JPhysD特刊征稿|Recent Advances in Acoustic Topological Metamaterials

03 11月 2023 gabriels
Acoustic valley-Hall topological metamaterial makes a perfect antenna.



  • 张志旺,南京大学
  • 薛昊冉,香港中文大学
  • 陆久阳,武汉大学


Recently, understanding topological phenomena, originating from condensed-matter physics in classical wave systems, is attracting increasing interest from the research community. The advancement of arbitrarily designed structures and precise measuring technology have enabled unprecedented manipulation of sounds in various engineered acoustic topological metamaterials, leading to novel topological effects and new applications of functional devices. It is a fast developing field so we felt an update was necessary. This special issue focuses on the fundamental physics, numerical modeling and experimental realization of acoustic topological metamaterials in both Hermitian and non-Hermitian systems. This special issue aims to collect original research papers and review articles in the fields of acoustic topological metamaterials with the following topics:

  • Acoustic topological interface/edge states
  • Acoustic higher-order topological insulators
  • Acoustic topological defect states
  • Non-Abelian topological charges
  • Non-Hermitian topological phenomena in acoustics
  • Applications of topological acoustics





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