Materials Futures期刊第三卷第一期文章出版

10 7月 2024 gabriels
Materials Futures(MF)期刊由松山湖材料实验室与IOP出版社联合出版,是您在材料科学和技术领域的发表最新突破性研究的金色开放获取期刊。MF期刊着眼于未来的、新奇的发现,每一篇已发表的文章均有一个“未来展望”部分,提供了一个值得注意的、前瞻性的观点,聚焦于该研究领域的发展方向、潜在风险和突破,以及在该领域继续研究的计划。另外,MF期刊于近期被Ei Compendex数据库收录。目前,MF期刊第三卷第一期文章正式出版,包括综述文章、观点文章、快讯等多种文章类型,内容涵盖生物活性材料、能源材料、信息材料等。全部文章均为开放获取,欢迎免费阅读和下载!



Information Materials

Observation of stabilized negative capacitance effect in hafnium-based ferroic films

Leilei Qiao, Ruiting Zhao, Cheng Song, Yongjian Zhou, Qian Wang, Tian-Ling Ren and Feng Pan


Topical Reviews

Energy Materials

Recycling of solid-state batteries—challenge and opportunity for a circular economy?

Martine Jacob, Kerstin Wissel and Oliver Clemens

Focus on Energy-Storage Materials


Research progress on the design of electrolyte additives and their functions for zinc-ion batteries

Yuxin Cui, Ruixin Zhang, Sinian Yang, Lili Liu and Shimou Chen

Focus on Energy-Storage Materials


Weavable thermoelectrics: advances, controversies, and future developments

Xiao-Lei Shi, Shuai Sun, Ting Wu, Jian Tu, Zhiming Zhou, Qingfeng Liu and Zhi-Gang Chen



Low-dimensional van der Waals materials for linear-polarization-sensitive photodetection: materials, polarizing strategies and applications

Yuhang Ma, Huaxin Yi, Huanrong Liang, Wan Wang, Zhaoqiang Zheng, Jiandong Yao and Guowei Yang


Information Materials

Emerging multimodal memristors for biorealistic neuromorphic applications

Xuanyu Shan, Ya Lin, Zhongqiang Wang, Xiaoning Zhao, Ye Tao, Haiyang Xu and Yichun Liu

Focus on Materials/Devices for Neuromorphic Computing and Spintronics



Origin of off-centering effect and the influence on heat transport in thermoelectrics

Hongyao Xie and Li-Dong Zhao



Energy Materials

Towards an enhanced understanding of the particle size effect on conversion/alloying lithium-ion anodes

Jakob Asenbauer, Dominik Horny, Mayokun Olutogun, Katrin Schulz and Dominic Bresser

Focus on Energy-Storage Materials


Mixed iridium-nickel oxides supported on antimony-doped tin oxide as highly efficient and stable acidic oxygen evolution catalysts

Jonathan Ruiz Esquius, Alec P LaGrow, Haiyan Jin, Zhipeng Yu, Ana Araujo, Rita Marques, Adélio Mendes and Lifeng Liu


Information Materials

Flexible UV detectors based on in-situ hydrogen doped amorphous Ga2O3 with high photo-to-dark current ratio

Yanxin Sui, Huili Liang, Wenxing Huo, Xiaozhi Zhan, Tao Zhu and Zengxia Mei


Materials Futures

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