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04 2月 2024 gabriels
我们汇总了发表在Materials Research Express期刊发表的优秀文章,这些文章体现了期刊的高质量和创新性。


感谢所有的作者和审稿人对Materials Research Express期刊的支持!希望您喜欢阅读这一合集。



Metakaolin-red mud/carbon nanotubes geopolymer nanocomposite: mechanical properties and structural studies

Hamidreza Ahmadi et al 2022 Mater. Res. Express 9 025011


Influence of process parameters on the microstructure and mechanical properties of friction stir welds of AA2014 and AA6063 aluminium alloys using response surface methodology

M Ramamurthy et al 2022 Mater. Res. Express 9 026528


Design and efficiency enhancement of FTO/PC60BM/CsSn0.5Ge0.5I3/Spiro-OMeTAD/Au perovskite solar cell utilizing SCAPS-1D Simulator

Sarra Bouazizi et al 2022 Mater. Res. Express 9 096402


Effect of friction stir processing parameters on the microstructure and properties of ZK60 magnesium alloy

Yijie Hu et al 2022 Mater. Res. Express 9 016508


Experimental investigation on mechanical characterization of 3D printed PLA produced by fused deposition modeling (FDM)

Mahmoud Moradi et al 2021 Mater. Res. Express 035304


Mechanical and durability characteristics of sustainable coconut fibers reinforced concrete with incorporation of marble powder

Jawad Ahmad et al 2021 Mater. Res. Express 8 075505


Effect of uniform corrosion on mechanical behavior of E690 high-strength steel lattice corrugated panel in marine environment: a finite element analysis

Ming Liu 2021 Mater. Res. Express 8 066510


Mechanical and wear performance of Al/SiC surface composite prepared through friction stir processing

Ravi Butola et al 2021 Mater. Res. Express 8 016520


Design and fabrication of quick responsive and highly sensitive LPG sensor using ZnO/SnO2 heterostructured film

Ajeet Singh et al 2021 Mater. Res. Express 045013


Simultaneous measurement of refractive index and temperature of seawater based on surface plasmon resonance in a dual D-type photonic crystal fiber

Yingyue Zhang et al 2021 Mater. Res. Express 8 085201


Biosynthesis and antibacterial activity of MgO-NPs produced from Camellia-sinensis leaves extract

Abdulhameed Khan et al 2021 Mater. Res. Express 8 015402


Topical Review

A review of the function of using carbon nanomaterials in membrane filtration for contaminant removal from wastewater

Utkarsh Chadha et al 2022 Mater. Res. Express 9 012003


A review on thin films, conducting polymers as sensor devices

Veera Prabakaran Elanjeitsenni et al 2022 Mater. Res. Express 9 022001


Challenges and advantages of electrospun nanofibers in agriculture: a review

S Meraz-Dávila et al 2021 Mater. Res. Express 8 042001


Application of green synthesized silver nanoparticles in cancer treatment—a critical review

Shazina Jabeen et al 2021 Mater. Res. Express 8 092001


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