MQT特刊征稿 | Focus on Quantum Emitters and Spin Defects

01 12月 2021 gabriels
主题:Quantum Emitters and Spin Defects




  • 李统藏 普渡大学,中国
  • 陆朝阳,中国科学技术大学,中国
  • Nick Vamivakas, 罗彻斯特大学,美国


Quantum emitters are essential resources for quantum communication, quantum computing, and quantum sensing. Many quantum emitters have intrinsic electron spins, which are helpful for nanoscale quantum sensing and provide spin-photon interfaces for building quantum networks. In recent years, there have been remarkable developments in the deterministic generation of indistinguishable single photons from self-assembled quantum dots. With the help of a nanophotonic cavity, single rare-earth ions have been optically addressed. In addition, quantum emitters in 2D materials, including hexagonal boron nitride, were discovered a few years ago. The optically addressable spin defects in 2D materials provide new opportunities for atomic-scale quantum sensing.

This focus issue brings together worldwide experts to discuss the latest development in quantum emitters and spin defects and their applications. It will also address photonic and plasmonic nanostructures to improve their performance and related applications. Both research articles and topical reviews are welcome. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Quantum dot photon sources
  • Colour centres in diamond and other crystals
  • Optically addressable spin defects in solids
  • Rare-earth ions in solids
  • Single-molecule quantum emitters
  • Quantum emitters in 2D materials
  • Nanophotonic and plasmonic structures for quantum emitters


We encourage submissions from all authors whose work fits with the scope of this focus collection. The collection will also feature invited contributions. All focus issue articles are subject to the same review process as regular Materials for Quantum Technology articles. Authors are invited to contact one of the guest editors, or the journal team directly, to discuss the suitability of their work prior to submission.

Articles should be submitted via the Web using our online submission form. Select ‘Focus on Quantum Emitters and Spin Defects’ from the drop-down list on the Article Information page.

The target deadline for contributions is 31 July 2022. Materials for Quantum Technologyis able to publish focus collections incrementally. This means that articles will be published as soon as they are accepted and prepared for publication, without being delayed waiting for other papers in the collection.




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