MQT研究综述|Recent advances in hole-spin qubits

16 5月 2023 gabriels
In recent years, hole-spin qubits based on semiconductor quantum dots have advanced at a rapid pace. We first review the main potential advantages of these hole-spin qubits with respect to their electron-spin counterparts and give a general theoretical framework describing them. The basic features of spin–orbit coupling and hyperfine interaction in the valence band are discussed, together with consequences on coherence and spin manipulation. In the second part of the article, we provide a survey of experimental realizations, which spans a relatively broad spectrum of devices based on GaAs, Si and Si/Ge heterostructures. We conclude with a brief outlook.


Recent advances in hole-spin qubits

Yinan Fang, Pericles Philippopoulos, Dimitrie Culcer, W A Coish and Stefano Chesi



  • Stefano Chesi,北京计算科学研究中心/北京师范大学


Materials for Quantum Technology

  • Materials for Quantum Technology(MQT,量子技术材料)是一本全新的采用开放获取出版形式的多学科期刊,致力于出版量子技术和器件领域相关材料的开发和应用的前沿研究。期刊的内容范围将汇集学界与业界中来自材料科学、化学和工程的跨学科研究。具体领域包括:量子技术应用中材料和界面的制备与表征;混合量子系统材料;量子传感和计量材料;量子光学和光子学材料;量子比特系统的材料;用于量子计算和量子电子学的新型材料和设备;量子技术化学;量子技术应用新材料的理论和计算设计;量子材料的涌现特性及其应用。