MRX特刊征稿|Additive Manufacturing and Welding of Metallic Materials

12 4月 2024 gabriels



  • 张超群,中山大学
  • Alphons Anandaraj Antonysamy, 英国吉凯恩航空航天公司增材制造中心
  • Samuel Tammas-Williams,英国爱丁堡大学工程学院
  • Junliang Liu,美国威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校



Additive manufacturing and welding are the two indispensable and essential processes for the fabrication of most metallic components. Notably, there have been remarkable advancements in metal additive manufacturing and welding technologies in recent years. The capability of AM to produce metallic parts without geometric constraints has opened up new avenues for product design, leading to opportunities for enhanced performance, reduced part weight, improved heat transfer characteristics, swift response times in part production, and the incorporation of multiple materials within a single component. Consequently, additive manufacturing technologies have garnered significant attention from both the industrial and academic sectors. Simultaneously, there has been rapid progress in advanced welding technologies, encompassing techniques such as laser welding, ultrasonic welding, and friction stir welding.
This dedicated focus issue aims to publish original research and high-quality review articles that address recent advancements in metal additive manufacturing and welding. The potential topics covered in this focus issue will encompass a wide range, including but not limited to the following:

  • Recent advances in advanced welding technologies, including laser welding, ultrasonic welding, friction stir welding, and dissimilar material welding;
  • Laser-based additive manufacturing technologies;
  • Multi-material additive manufacturing technologies;
  • Online monitoring of additive manufacturing processes;
  • Applications of artificial intelligence in additive manufacturing;
  • Sinter-based/binder jetting additive manufacturing technologies;
  • Wire arc additive manufacturing;
  • Additive manufacturing in aerospace and underwater;
  • Additive manufacturing of titanium, copper, magnesium, and their alloys;
  • Solid-state additive manufacturing;
  • High-speed additive manufacturing technologies.




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