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  • 张刚,新加坡高性能计算研究院
  • Yuan Chen,澳大利亚蒙纳士大学
  • 任天令,清华大学


In recent years, scientists and engineers from different fields have drawn particular attention to explore physical properties and application of spintronics device, as well as quantum devices. In practical application, the coupling with external field, such as electric field, strain, and temperature, has significant impact on the performance of these devices. Thus, it is an appropriate time to organize a Focus issue on this field.
Potential topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Spintronics
  • qubits
  • Quantum sensing
  • Single photon sources
  • Theory and simulations



Multi-physics coupling in nanoscale spintronics and quantum devices

Gang Zhang et al 2023 Nanotechnology 34 500202



Cavity spectral-hole-burning to boost coherence in plasmon-emitter strong coupling systems

Wen-Jie Zhou et al 2022 Nanotechnology 33 475001


Excited quantum anomalous and spin Hall effect: dissociation of flat-bands-enabled excitonic insulator state

Yinong Zhou et al 2022 Nanotechnology 33 415001


The quantum confinement effects on the electronic properties of monolayer GeS nanoribbon with tube-edged reconstruction

Weizheng Kong et al 2022 Nanotechnology 33 345202


Tunable electronic and magnetic properties of Cr2Ge2Te6 monolayer by organic molecular adsorption

Jieqi Zhang et al 2022 Nanotechnology 33 345705


Failure mechanism of graphene kirigami under nanoindentation

Henin Zhang et al 2022 Nanotechnology 33 375703


Magnetoresistance of Ni/WSe2/Ni junctions: robustness against the thickness of WSe2

Kun Yan et al 2022 Nanotechnology 33 385001


Tuning electronic, magnetic and catalytic behaviors of biphenylene network by atomic doping

Kai Ren et al 2022 Nanotechnology 33 345701


Phosphorene grain boundary effect on phonon transport and phononic applications

Xujun Wang et al 2022 Nanotechnology 33 265704


Electronic properties and behavior of carbon network based on graphene and single-walled carbon nanotubes in strong electrical fields: quantum molecular dynamics study

Michael M Slepchenkov and Olga E Glukhova 2022 Nanotechnology 33 285001


Electronic and optical properties of Janus black arsenic-phosphorus AsP quantum dots under magnetic field

Xuefei Yan et al 2022 Nanotechnology 33 265001


Remarkable decrease in lattice thermal conductivity of transition metals borides TiB2 by dimensional reduction

Ding Li et al 2022 Nanotechnology 33 235706


Enhancement of thermoelectric performance in graphenylene nanoribbons by suppressing phonon thermal conductance: the role of phonon local resonance

Cheng-Wei Wu et al 2022 Nanotechnology 33 215402


Surface acoustic wave controlled skyrmion-based synapse devices

Chao Chen et al 2022 Nanotechnology 33 115205



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