NANOX特刊征稿|Nanomaterials for Sustainable and Net-Zero Future

26 4月 2023 gabriels



  • Aruna Ivaturi, University of Strathclyde, UK
  • Manika Khanuja, Jamia Millia Islamia, India
  • Rupali Nagar, Symbiosis Institute of Technology Pune, India


This focus issue is dedicated to Prof B.R.MehtaIndian Institute of Technology Delhi, in recognition of his research efforts in this field.
This focus issue on Nanomaterials for Sustainable and Net-zero Future aims to collate the latest developments and advances in the field of nanomaterials for a cleaner, greener, and sustainable planet. The collection incorporates elements of energy storage, energy conversion, environment remediation aimed at water and air pollutants, and carbon sequestration. Sub-themes covered in the collection include:

  • Energy Storage Materials and Devices: (Batteries, Supercapacitors etc.)
  • Emerging Energy Conversion Devices and Concepts: (Ex. emerging photovoltaics; Thermoelectric; Piezoelectric; Triboelectric generators etc., Fuel cell and H2 generation technologies, etc)
  • Environment remediation (Photocatalysis for water and air remediation etc)
  • Nanomaterials for Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage: (CO2 storage, CO2 reduction, etc.)

The contributions can cover both fundamental and applied aspects of the above topics. As the world population increases, demand for energy increases. For a sustainable and net-zero future, governments should globally focus on strategizing energy supply with a futuristic view of harnessing all available options. This includes solar and other renewable sources of energy, harvesting waste energy, exploiting the full potential of hydrogen as fuel in addition to laying off dependence on non-renewable sources of energy. The long-term effects on environment and public health will be safeguarded via these approaches. The first two subthemes are related to these issues. The third and the fourth subthemes are related to the role of nanomaterials for environmental cause, which can include air and water remediation, photocatalysis, carbon sequestration, capture of other pollutants (like nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, etc.) Research in these areas cause positive changes in the environment. The focus issue welcomes submissions from women and/or underrepresented sociocultural research groups. All of the above subthemes revolve around nanomaterials that weave energy, environment, health, and society subject matters for a better and sustainable net-zero world.





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Nano Express

  • Nano Express(NANOX)是一本新发表的多学科开放获取期刊,致力于纳米科技所有领域新的实验、理论和应用研究的快速出版,现已被Scopus,ESCI,EI 等数据库收录。NANOX采用快速同行评审流程,对文章的长度要求也非常灵活。涵盖领域包括:纳米结构材料的合成和功能化;化学物质自组装和定向组装成纳米级物体的研究;纳米系统、薄膜和二维材料的物理及化学特性表征;纳米科学的理论与计算;纳米医学、生物技术和制药应用;纳米级能源和利用纳米结构开发替代能源的解决方案;量子现象和技术;材料的纳米制造和图案化;传感和探测器。