PHYSSCR特刊征稿|Focus on Plasma at the Laser Intensity Frontier

10 5月 2023 gabriels



  • Devki Nandan Gupta,印度德里大学
  • Dino Jaroszynski,英国思克莱德大学
  • Hyyong Suk,韩国光州科学技术院
  • Louise Willingale,美国密歇根大学


Ultra-short duration pulses from high-power lasers can realise intensities sufficient for the motion of electrons oscillating in their fields to become highly relativistic, where their average oscillatory energy can exceed many 10s of MeV. This gives a unique opportunity to investigate many novel phenomena such as electrons and ions in strong fields, ionization dynamics, high-harmonic generation, coherent X-ray radiation, nonlinear plasma dynamics and acceleration of particles to high energy. Space charge fields produced by intense laser pulses can now routinely accelerate particles to GeV energies and is being extended to the TeV range. This highly original combination of high fields and relativistic particles is giving rise to a paradigm shift in investigations of fundamental physical processes such as nonlinear electrodynamics and highly radiating systems, and applications ranging from ultra-fast phenomena, radiotherapy to collective radiation-matter interactions. The aim of this focus issue is to advance our understanding of the physics of plasma interacting with ultra-intensity electromagnetic fields such as those from next-generation lasers. This focus issue welcomes manuscripts across the full range of applied and fundamental plasma research in this emerging field, including:
  • Ultrafast plasma physics at high intensities
  • High-field physics
  • Laser-plasma acceleration
  • Laser-solid interactions
  • Laser-plasma diagnostics
  • Radiation generation in plasma
  • Nonlinear electrodynamics


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