SMS特刊征稿|New Frontiers in Guided Wave Excitation and Manipulation

23 12月 2022 gabriels



  • 苗鸿臣,西南交通大学
  • 朱睿,北京理工大学
  • 王艳锋,天津大学


The research on ultrasonic guided waves such as Lamb waves and shear horizontal waves are revolutionizing the technology of nondestructive testing (NDT) and structural health monitoring (SHM). However, the dispersive and multi-mode characteristics of guided waves complicate the signal identification in practical applications. Therefore, the developments of guided wave excitation and manipulation are essentially important in NDT and SHM. For example, single-mode excitation and wave field manipulation can greatly reduce the complexity of signal interpretations by avoiding unwanted wave polarizations and reflections. The propagation characteristic of a guided wave usually depends on both the transducer (wave source) and the waveguide structure. This focus issue is therefore dedicated to the recent advances in research and progress of novel guided wave transducers and metamaterial-based structures for guided wave manipulation. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, novel transducers for guide wave excitation or reception, elastic metamaterials for enhanced sensing and guided wave manipulation among others.





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Smart Materials and Structures

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  • Smart Materials and Structures (SMS,智能材料与结构)是一本多学科期刊,专注于智能材料、系统和结构(包括智能系统、传感和驱动、自适应结构和主动控制)的技术性进展。SMS内容涵盖:智能材料开发和应用;用作传感器和驱动器的智能材料;自适应结构系统;用于修正光谱偏移和折射率偏移的智能光学材料;用于地面车辆、飞机和民用基础设施;能源收集系统;利用仿生学和生物灵感的智能材料系统;3D打印智能材料及其应用;智能纺织品和可穿戴技术等。