Transportation Technologies for a Sustainable Future电子书作者访谈

20 7月 2023 gabriels
近日,我们采访了Transportation Technologies for a Sustainable Future一书的作者Richard A Dunlap。点击下方视频,让我们一起看看他对本书的介绍以及他在IOP出版社的出版经历吧。




Richard A Dunlap received a BS from Worcester PolytechnicInstitute (Physics 1974), an A.M from Dartmouth College(Physics 1976), and a PhD from Clark University (Physics1981). Since 1981, he has been a professor in the Department ofPhysics and Atmospheric Science at Dalhousie University andcurrently holds a position as Research Professor. He was Facultyof Science Killam Research Professor from 2001 to 2006 andDirector of the Dalhousie University Institute for Research inMaterials from 2009 to 2015. Professor Dunlap’s research interests include nuclearspectroscopies, magnetic materials, quasicrystals, critical phenomena, and advancedbattery materials. He has published more than 300 refereed research papers and hispreviously published books include Experimental Physics: Modern Methods (Oxford1988), The Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Numbers (World Scientific 1997), AnIntroduction to the Physics of Nuclei and Particles (Brooks/Cole 2004), SustainableEnergy (Cengage, 1st edn 2015, 2nd edn 2019), Novel Microstructures for Solids(IOP/Morgan & Claypool 2018), Particle Physics (IOP/Morgan & Claypool 2018),The Mössbauer Effect (IOP/Morgan & Claypool 2019), Lasers and Their Applicationto the Observation of Bose-Einstein Condensates (IOP/Morgan & Claypool 2019),Electrons in Solids-Contemporary Topics (IOP/Morgan & Claypool 2019), and Energy from Nuclear Fusion (IOP Publishing 2021).






Transportation Technologies for a Sustainable Future

  • 交通运输是温室气体排放的主要来源。任何减少并最终消除化石燃料使用的长期计划都需要包括运输能源向低碳可持续能源的过渡。这本书概述了当前的运输能源需求和这种能源的主要来源,详细分析了适合公路运输的技术,并讨论了可持续技术在铁路、海运和空运中的应用;最后,总结了实施可持续交通技术所面临的挑战,并对可再生能源生产与可持续交通发展的关系进行了定量分析。这本书是科学和工程专业的本科生和研究生了解能源、交通和环境问题的宝贵参考材料。这本书也是IOP出版社Renewable and Sustainable Power图书系列的一部分。