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DRAA集团系列4书目 – 130种

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Halo Nuclei 晕核 10.1088/978-1-6817-4581-7
Carbon Nanotubes in Drug and Gene Delivery 碳纳米管在药物和基因传递中的作用 10.1088/978-1-6817-4261-8
Journey into Reciprocal Space: A crystallographer’s perspective 互惠空间之旅:晶体学家的观点 10.1088/978-1-6817-4621-0
Physical Microbe: An introduction to noise, control, and communication in the prokaryotic cell 物理微生物:原核细胞中噪声,控制和通讯的介绍 10.1088/978-1-6817-4529-9
Musical Sound, Instruments, and Equipment 音乐声音,乐器和设备 10.1088/978-1-6817-4680-7
Introduction to the Gas Phase 气相介绍 10.1088/978-1-6817-4692-0
Electromagnetic Waves and Lasers 电磁波和激光 10.1088/978-1-6817-4613-5
Origins of Life: A cosmic perspective 生命的起源:宇宙观 10.1088/978-1-6817-4676-0
Detecting the Stochastic Gravitational-Wave Background 检测随机引力波背景 10.1088/978-1-6817-4082-9
Optical Properties of Graphene in Magnetic and Electric Fields 石墨烯在磁场和电场中的光学性质 10.1088/978-0-7503-1566-1
Theory of Magnetoelectric Properties of 2D Systems 二维系统的磁电特性理论 10.1088/978-0-7503-1674-3
Photomedicine and Stem Cells: The Janus face of photodynamic therapy (PDT) to kill cancer stem cells, and photobiomodulation (PBM) to stimulate normal stem cells 光医学和干细胞:光动力疗法(PDT)的Janus脸可杀死癌症干细胞,光生物调节(PBM)可刺激正常干细胞 10.1088/978-1-6817-4321-9
Climate Change Resilience in the Urban Environment 城市环境中的气候变化适应力 10.1088/978-0-7503-1197-7
Creating Materials with a Desired Refraction Coefficient 创建具有所需折光系数的材料 10.1088/978-1-6817-4708-8
Practical Radiobiology for Proton Therapy Planning 质子治疗规划实用放射生物学 10.1088/978-0-7503-1338-4
Theories of Matter, Space and Time, Volume 1: Classical theories 物质,时空理论,第1卷:经典理论 10.1088/978-1-6817-4696-8
Waves: Fundamentals and dynamics 波动:基本面和动态 10.1088/978-1-6817-4573-2
What’s the Matter with Waves: An introduction to techniques and applications of quantum mechanics 波动的实质是什么:量子力学的技术和应用简介 10.1088/978-1-6817-4577-0
Essential Fluid Dynamics – For scientists 基本流体动力学-科学家 10.1088/978-1-6817-4597-8
Nonlinear Guided Wave Optics: A testbed for extreme waves 非线性导波光学:用于极端波的测试台 10.1088/978-0-7503-1460-2
Silicon Photonics: Electromagnetic theory 硅光子学:电磁理论 10.1088/978-0-7503-1386-5
Theoretical Fluid Mechanics 理论流体力学 10.1088/978-0-7503-1554-8
Classical Mechanics: Lecture Notes, Volume 1: Lecture notes 经典力学:讲义,第1卷:讲义 10.1088/978-0-7503-1398-8
Lattice Boltzmann Modeling of Complex Flows for Engineering Applications 工程应用中复杂流的格子Boltzmann建模 10.1088/978-1-6817-4672-2
High Power Microwave Tubes: Basics and Trends, Volume 2 大功率微波管:基础和趋势,第2卷 10.1088/978-1-6817-4704-0
High Power Microwave Tubes: Volume 1 大功率微波管:第1卷 10.1088/978-1-6817-4561-9
Thermal Properties of Matter 物质的热性质 10.1088/978-1-6817-4585-5
Gravity, Magnetic and Electromagnetic Gradiometry: Strategic technologies in the 21st century 重力,电磁和电磁梯度仪:21世纪的战略技术 10.1088/978-1-6817-4700-2
Concise Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 量子力学简明介绍 10.1088/978-1-6817-4716-3
Talking Renewables: A renewable energy primer for everyone 会说话的可再生能源:适合所有人的可再生能源底漆 10.1088/978-1-6817-4901-3
General Relativity: An Introduction to Black Holes, Gravitational Waves, and Cosmology 广义相对论:黑洞,引力波和宇宙学概论 10.1088/978-1-6817-4885-6
Hyperbolic Metamaterials 双曲超材料 10.1088/978-1-6817-4565-7
Relativity, Symmetry, and the Structure of Quantum Theory, Volume 2: Point form relativistic quantum mechanics 相对论,对称性和量子理论的结构,第2卷:点形式相对论量子力学 10.1088/978-1-6817-4891-7
Introduction to Computational Physics for Undergraduates 大学生计算物理导论 10.1088/978-1-6817-4896-2
Ionization and Ion Transport: A primer for the study of non-equilibrium, low-temperature gas discharges and plasmas 电离和离子迁移:研究非平衡,低温气体放电和等离子体的入门 10.1088/978-1-6817-4601-2
Quantum Metrology with Photoelectrons: Foundations 带有光电子的量子计量学,第1卷:基础 10.1088/978-1-6817-4684-5
Quantum Metrology with Photoelectrons: Vol 2: Applications and advances 带有光电子的量子计量学,第2卷:应用和进展 10.1088/978-1-6817-4688-3
Advanced Secure Optical Image Processing for Communications 用于通信的高级安全光学图像处理 10.1088/978-0-7503-1457-2
Atomic Structure 原子结构 10.1088/978-1-6817-4880-1
How to Understand Quantum Mechanics 如何理解量子力学 10.1088/978-1-6817-4226-7
Classical Mechanics: Problems with solutions, Volume 2: Problems with solutions 经典力学,第2卷:问题和解决方案 10.1088/978-0-7503-1401-5
Of Clocks and Time 时钟和时间 10.1088/978-1-6817-4096-6
Rotation, Reflection, and Frame Changes: Orthogonal tensors in computational engineering mechanics 旋转,反射和框架变化:计算工程力学中的正交张量 10.1088/978-0-7503-1454-1
Entropy Beyond the Second Law: Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics for equilibrium, non-equilibrium, classical, and quantum systems 超越第二定律的熵:平衡,非平衡,经典和量子系统的热力学和统计力学 10.1088/978-0-7503-1590-6
Entrepreneurship for Creative Scientists 创意科学家的创业手册 10.1088/978-0-7503-1146-5
Introduction to Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Volume 1: Basic techniques and concepts 药物生物技术概论,第1卷:基本技术和概念 10.1088/978-0-7503-1299-8
Bias in Science and Communication: A field guide 科学与传播的偏见:实地指南 10.1088/978-0-7503-1311-7
Introduction to Quantum Communications Networks: Or, how shall we communicate in the quantum era? 量子通信网络简介:或者,我们如何在量子时代进行通信? 10.1088/978-1-6817-4653-1
Electrodynamics: Problems and solutions 电动力学:问题与解决方案 10.1088/978-1-6817-4931-0
Introduction to Planetary Nebulae 行星状星云简介 10.1088/978-1-6817-4960-0
Relativistic Many-Body Theory and Statistical Mechanics 相对论多体理论与统计力学 10.1088/978-1-6817-4948-8
Numerical Solutions of Initial Value Problems Using Mathematica 使用Mathematica的初值问题的数值解 10.1088/978-1-6817-4976-1
Introduction to Beam Dynamics in High-Energy Electron Storage Rings 高能电子存储环中的束流动力学简介 10.1088/978-1-6817-4989-1
Classical Electrodynamics: Lecture Notes, Volume 3: Lecture notes 经典电动力学:讲义,第3卷:讲义 10.1088/978-0-7503-1404-6
Classical Electrodynamics: Problems with solutions, Volume 4: Problems with solutions 经典电动力学:解题,第4卷:解题 10.1088/978-0-7503-1407-7
Theories of Matter, Space and Time, Volume 2: Quantum Theories 物质,空间和时间理论,第2卷:量子理论 10.1088/978-1-6817-4983-9
Logic for Physicists 物理学家的逻辑 10.1088/978-1-6432-7016-6
Separation of Variables and Superintegrability: The symmetry of solvable systems 变量分离和超积分性:可解系统的对称性 10.1088/978-0-7503-1314-8
Adventures with Lissajous Figures 利萨如图形的冒险 10.1088/978-1-6432-7010-4
Continuing Quest for Missile Defense: When lofty goals confront reality 导弹防御的持续追求:当崇高的目标面对现实时 10.1088/978-1-6817-4942-6
Introduction to the Physics of Nuclear Medicine 核医学物理导论 10.1088/978-1-6432-7034-0
Basic Surfaces and their Analysis 基本表面及其分析 10.1088/978-1-6817-4954-9
Science and Computing with Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi的科学与计算 10.1088/978-1-6817-4996-9
Causality Rules: A light treatise on dispersion relations and sum rules 因果规则:关于色散关系和总和规则的简短论述 10.1088/978-1-6817-4919-8
Theory of Electromagnetic Pulses 电磁脉冲理论 10.1088/978-1-6432-7022-7
Quantum Field Theory: An arcane setting for explaining the world 量子场论:用于解释世界的神秘环境 10.1088/978-1-6432-7053-1
Essential Semiconductor Laser Device Physics 半导体激光设备物理 10.1088/978-1-6432-7028-9
Lens Design: Automatic and quasi-autonomous computational methods and techniques 镜头设计:自动和准自主的计算方法和技术 10.1088/978-0-7503-1611-8
Infinite-Space Dyadic Green Functions in Electromagnetism 电磁中的无限空间并列格林函数 10.1088/978-1-6817-4557-2
Airborne Maritime Surveillance Radar, Volume 1: British ASV radars in WWII 1939–1945 机载海上监视雷达,第1卷:1939年至1945年的二战中的英国ASV雷达 10.1088/978-1-6432-7066-1
Airborne Maritime Surveillance Radar, Volume 2: Post-war British ASV radars 1946–2000 机载海上监视雷达,第2卷:战后英国ASV雷达,1946-2000年 10.1088/978-1-6432-7072-2
Introduction to the Kinetics of Glow Discharges 辉光放电动力学概论 10.1088/978-1-64327-060-9
Electromechanical Machinery Theory and Performance 机电机械理论与性能 10.1088/978-0-7503-1662-0
From Complex to Simple: Interdisciplinary stochastic models 从复杂到简单:跨学科随机模型 10.1088/978-1-64327-120-0
Nonlinear Waves: Theory, computer simulation, experiment 非线性波:理论,计算机仿真,实验 10.1088/978-1-64327-047-0
Lithium Niobate-Based Heterostructures: Synthesis, Properties and Electron Phenomena 基于铌酸锂的异质结构:合成,性质和电子现象。 10.1088/978-0-7503-1729-0
Magnetic Nanoparticles for Medical Diagnostics 用于医学诊断的磁性纳米颗粒 10.1088/978-0-7503-1584-5
Principles of Statistical Physics and Numerical Modeling 统计物理与数值建模原理 10.1088/978-0-7503-1341-4
Approach to Dark Matter Modelling 暗物质建模方法 10.1088/978-1-64327-132-3
Introduction to Classical Field Theory: A tour of the fundamental interactions 经典场论导论:基本相互作用导览 10.1088/978-1-64327-084-5
Numerical Solutions of Boundary Value Problems with Finite Difference Method 边值问题的有限差分法数值解 10.1088/978-1-64327-280-1
Most Interesting Galaxies in the Universe 宇宙中最有趣的星系 10.1088/978-1-64327-004-3
Outside the Research Lab, Volume 2: Physics in vintage and modern transport 研究实验室外,第2卷:传统和现代交通中的物理学 10.1088/978-1-64327-270-2
Introduction to Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Volume 2: Enzymes, proteins and bioinformatics 药物生物技术导论,第2卷:酶,蛋白质和生物信息学 10.1088/978-0-7503-1302-5
Lasers in Medical Diagnosis and Therapy: Basics, applications and future prospects 激光在医学诊断和治疗中的应用:基础知识,应用和未来前景 10.1088/978-0-7503-1275-2
Measuring Time: Frequency measurements and related developments in physics 测量时间:频率测量和物理学的相关进展 10.1088/978-0-7503-2124-2
Disorder in Domain Theory 领域理论的混乱 10.1088/978-1-64327-274-0
Liquid Crystals 液晶体 10.1088/978-0-7503-1362-9
Optical Fiber Multiplexing and Emerging Techniques: SDM and OAM 光纤复用和新兴技术:SDM和OAM 10.1088/978-1-68174-569-5
Fourier Transform and Its Applications Using Microsoft EXCEL® 使用MicrosoftEXCEL®的傅立叶变换及其应用 10.1088/978-1-64327-286-3
Truth and Traceability in Physics and Metrology 物理与计量学的真相与可追溯性 10.1088/978-1-64327-096-8
Foundations of Regenerative Biology and Medicine 再生生物学与医学基础 10.1088/978-0-7503-1626-2
Elliptical Mirrors: Applications in microscopy 椭圆镜:在显微镜中的应用 10.1088/978-0-7503-1629-3
Electrostatics at the Molecular Level 分子水平上的静电 10.1088/978-1-64327-186-6
Generalized Hypergeometric Functions: Transformations and group theoretical aspects 广义超几何函数:变换和群论方面 10.1088/978-0-7503-1496-1
Practical Introduction to Beam Physics and Particle Accelerators, 2nd Edition 射线物理和粒子加速器实用入门,第二版 10.1088/978-1-64327-090-6
Physics of Destructive Earthquakes 破坏性地震的物理学 10.1088/978-1-64327-078-4
Matrix Models of String Theory 弦论的矩阵模型 10.1088/978-0-7503-1726-9
Is It the ‘Same’ Result: Replication in Physics 结果是否相同:物理学中的复制 10.1088/978-1-64327-162-0
Statistical Eyeglasses: The math behind scientific knowledge 统计眼镜:科学知识背后的数学 10.1088/2053-2571/aada8d
Tying Light in Knots: Applying topology to optics 将光绑成绳:将拓扑应用于光学 10.1088/2053-2571/aaddd5
Wigner Function in Science and Technology 维格纳在科学技术中的作用 10.1088/978-0-7503-1671-2
Singularities in Physics and Engineering: Properties, methods, and applications 物理与工程奇点:性质,方法与应用 10.1088/978-0-7503-1698-9
Non-Instantaneous Impulsive Differential Equations: Basic theory and computation 非瞬时脉冲微分方程:基本理论和计算 10.1088/2053-2563/aada21
Molecule as Meme 分子作为模因 10.1088/2053-2571/aadaae
Ahead of the Curve: Volume 2: Hidden breakthroughs in the biosciences 曲线前,第2卷:生物科学中的隐藏突破 10.1088/978-0-7503-1677-4
International Linear Collider (ILC): The next mega-scale particle collider 国际线性对撞机(ILC):下一个超大型粒子对撞机 10.1088/2053-2571/aae221
Physics and Art of Photography, Volume 1: Geometry and the nature of light 摄影物理与艺术,第1卷:几何与光的本质 10.1088/2053-2571/aae1b6
Physics and Art of Photography, Volume 2: Energy and color 摄影物理与艺术,第2卷:能量与色彩 10.1088/2053-2571/aae504
Novel Microstructures for Solids 固体的新型微结构 10.1088/2053-2571/aae653
Understanding Stellar Evolution 了解恒星演化 10.1088/978-0-7503-1278-3
Astrophysics of Red Supergiants 红色超人的天体物理学 10.1088/978-0-7503-1329-2
Hubble Deep Field and the Distant Universe 哈勃深场与遥远的宇宙 10.1088/978-0-7503-1756-6
Creating the Molecules of Life 创造生命的分子 10.1088/978-0-7503-1993-5
Simulating Large-Scale Structure for Models of Cosmic Acceleration 模拟宇宙加速模型的大规模结构 10.1088/978-0-7503-1587-6
Astrophysical Recipes: The art of AMUSE 天体物理食谱:有趣的艺术 10.1088/978-0-7503-1320-9
Gamma-Ray Bursts 伽玛射线暴 10.1088/2514-3433/aae164
Modeling and Analysis of Eclipsing Binary Stars: The theory and design principles of PHOEBE 掩饰双星的建模与分析:PHOEBE的理论和设计原理 10.1088/978-0-7503-1287-5
Gas-Phase Chemistry in Space 空间气相化学 10.1088/2514-3433/aae1b5
Extragalactic Novae — A historical perspective 银河系外新星的历史透视 10.1088/2514-3433/ab2c63
Time-Domain Studies of the Andromeda Galaxy 仙女座星系的时域研究 10.1088/2514-3433/ab3639
Astronomy Education, Volume 1: Evidence-based instruction for introductory courses 天文学教育,第1卷:基础课程循证教学 10.1088/2514-3433/ab2b42
Extreme Solar Particle Storms: The hostile Sun 极端太阳粒子风暴:敌对太阳 10.1088/2514-3433/ab404a
The Doppler Method for the Detection of Exoplanets 探测系外行星的多普勒方法 10.1088/2514-3433/ab46a3
The Chandra X-ray Observatory: Exploring the high energy universe 钱德拉X射线天文台:探索高能宇宙 10.1088/2514-3433/ab43dc
The Cosmic 21-cm Revolution: Charting the first billion years of our Universe 宇宙21厘米革命:绘制我们宇宙的前10亿年 10.1088/2514-3433/ab4a73
Life with Hubble 哈勃人生 10.1088/2514-3433/ab8ad0
Essentials of Nucleosynthesis and Theoretical Nuclear Astrophysics  核合成原理和理论核天体物理学 10.1088/2514-3433/ab8737
The NASA Kepler Mission NASA开普勒任务 10.1088/2514-3433/ab9823
Foundations of Quantum Cosmology 量子宇宙学的基础 10.1088/2514-3433/ab9c98