AI and Ethics电子书作者访谈:Animesh Mukherjee

18 9月 2023 gabriels
近日,我们采访了AI and Ethics:A computational perspective一书的作者Animesh Mukherjee。




Animesh Mukherjee is a Full Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute ofTechnology, Kharagpur. He is also a Distinguished Member of ACM. His main research interests center around content governance which includes (i) content moderation (harmful content analysis, detection, and mitigation), (ii) content dissemination (fairness issues in e-commerce platforms and interfaced systems like facial recognition, automatic speech recognition systems, etc), and(iii) content maintenance (quality analysis and improvement of encyclopedias like Wikipedia and large software systems like Ubuntu releases). He regularly publishes in all top CS conferences including AAAI, IJCAI, ACL, NAACL, EMNLP, TheWeb Conference, CSCW, etc. He has received many notable awards and fellowships including the Facebook ethics for AI research award, India, Google course award for the course AI and Ethics, IBM faculty award, Humboldt Fellowship for Experienced Researchers, Simons Associateship, ICTP, to name a few.







AI and Ethics:A computational perspective

  • 这本书源自于研究生课程,探讨了近年来使用人工智能日益普及而引起的一系列与人类密切相关的重要问题。这本书讨论了人工智能的各个方面,包括算法决策、自主系统、机器学习的可解释性、监管与创新之间的平衡问题、人工智能在信息传播中的对抗作用以及个人权利、公平和歧视问题。本书采用计算方法进行剖析,而非以哲学或法律讨论为主导,意在帮助读者深入理解人工智能在我们社会中的存在和可能的主导地位所引发的直接道德和法律影响。本书是IOP出版社Next Generation Computing图书系列中的一本。