BMM特刊精选|Special Issue on Advances in Nanomedicine

10 1月 2023 gabriels



  • 裴仁军,中国科学院苏州纳米技术与纳米仿生研究所


The design and synthesis of materials in the nanoscale size range to address human healthcare-related issues continues to receive increasing interest. Nanomaterials are being increasingly used to develop new methods of disease diagnosis and treatment, and they are providing novel paradigms to break through current limitations of medicine. The application of nanotechnology for medical purposes has been termed nanomedicine and is defined as the use of nanomaterials for diagnosis, imaging, monitoring, prevention and treatment of diseases. Since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Doxil, an anticancer nanotherapeutic drug using PEGylated liposome carrier for the first time in 1995, more and more nano-drugs are either approved for use, or in clinical trials.
However, there is still a long way toward the complete revolution for nanomedicine in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. As these nanoparticles are highly complex products and difficult to characterize, there are still many challenges, for example, how to have robust and consistent manufacturing process, how to realize the early determination of diseases, how to enhance therapeutic efficiency and reduce the side effect, how to realize the precise personalized treatment, and what are the interactions between nanomaterials and biological systems.

This special issue will include a series of topical reviews and original research articles that highlight the recent advances in diagnosis, imaging and therapy of nanomaterials.



Editorial: Special issue on advances in nanomedicine

Ye Zhang and Renjun Pei 2022 Biomed. Mater. 17 060202


Topical Reviews

Stimuli-activatable nanomaterials for phototherapy of cancer

Mengjiao Zhou et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 042008


Organic fluorescent nanoparticles with NIR-II emission for bioimaging and therapy

Huiping Dang and Lifeng Yan 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 022001


Pathological environment directed in situ peptidic supramolecular assemblies for nanomedicines

Jiali Chen et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 022011


Recent progress in drug delivery and cancer theranostic built from metal-organic framework

Peng Yang et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 042011


A concise review: the synergy between artificial intelligence and biomedical nanomaterials that empowers nanomedicine

Hasaan Hayat et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 052001


Reactive oxygen species-responsive nanoplatforms for nucleic acid-based gene therapy of cancer and inflammatory diseases

Dandan Zhu et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 042015


Recent progress on charge-reversal polymeric nanocarriers for cancer treatments

Qingmei Sun et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 042010


Organic optical agents for image-guided combined cancer therapy

Zhiyuan Gao et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 042009


Polymer particles for the intra-articular delivery of drugs to treat osteoarthritis

Xueli Mei et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 042006


Biocompatibility of nanomaterials and their immunological properties

Themis R Kyriakides et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 042005


Nanozyme-based medicine for enzymatic therapy: progress and challenges

Qian Wang et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 042002


Emerging nanotechnological strategies to reshape tumor microenvironment for enhanced therapeutic outcomes of cancer immunotherapy

Xinyi Lin et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 042001


Inorganic chemoreactive nanosonosensitzers with unique physiochemical properties and structural features for versatile sonodynamic nanotherapies

Caihong Dong et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 032006


Therapeutic strategies of iron-based nanomaterials for cancer therapy

Xiaqing Wu and Haiyuan Zhang 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 032003


Recent progress in nanoformulations of cabazitaxel

Yu Chen et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 032002


Platinum group element-based nanozymes for biomedical applications: an overview

Shao-Bin He et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 032001


Membrane vesicles nanotheranostic systems: sources, engineering methods, and challenges

Weidong Nie et al 2021 Biomed. Mater.16 022009


Ultrasound activated nanosensitizers for sonodynamic therapy and theranostics

Lei Li et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 022008


Graphene-semiconductor nanocomposites for cancer phototherapy

Muhammad Rizwan Younis et al 2021 Biomed. Mater.16 022007


Exosome isolation using nanostructures and microfluidic devices

Minh-Chau N Le and Z Hugh Fan 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 022005


ROS-responsive probes for low-background optical imaging: a review

Yan Xu et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 022002



Recent progress in drug delivery and cancer theranostic built from metal-organic framework

Peng Yang et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 042011


Inhalable liposomes for treating lung diseases: clinical development and challenges

Pranav Ponkshe et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 054101


Recent progress in developing fluorescent probes for imaging cell metabolites

Shanni Hong et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 044108


Highly sensitive T1–T2 dual-mode MRI probe based on ultra-small gadolinium oxide-decorated iron oxide nanocrystals

Yashuang Miao et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 044104


Osteogenic differentiation system based on biopolymer nanoparticles for stem cells in simulated microgravity

Xiao-Hong Zhao et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 044102


Surface bioengineering of diverse orthopaedic implants with optional functions via bioinspired molecular adhesion and bioorthogonal conjugations

Xiaokang Wang et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 024106


Recent advances on drug delivery nanocarriers for cerebral disorders

Zheng Zhou et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 024104


CEST MRI trackable nanoparticle drug delivery systems

Zheng Han and Guanshu Liu 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 024103


Recent advances in development of nanomedicines for multiple sclerosis diagnosis

Qin Zhang et al 2021 Biomed. Mater. 16 024101


Vanadium-based nanomaterials for cancer diagnosis and treatment

Doudou Hu et al 2021 Biomed. Mater.16 014101


Biomedical Materials

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