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  • Maulin P Shah,印度Enviro Technology公司
  • Alok Prasad Das,印度拉马德维女子大学



At present the industrial and anthropogenic happenings are extremely riveting the global civilization to explore for advance technology-based answers for the rapidly increasing environmental complications and demanding a sustainable and solution. The accelerated frequency of environmental pollution and human health depletion from exposure to these emerging pollutants is a matter of high priority. Enormous amount of hazardous chemicals and toxic agents are increasingly found in food, water and air varying from from terrestrial to aquatic habitats. This ever-increasing global complications necessitate a sustainable solution with science based environmental friendly technologies and viable alteration to existing treatment methods. Incorporating pollution management through sustainable approaches in a profitable process and safeguarding human health is the prime goal of circular economy. A pressing necessity for all developing and developed countries today is for accomplishing its sustainable development goals. Microorganism based applications and microbial technologies are considered as a novel and advanced methods that ensures environmental sustainability and financial liabilities at the same time. Microbial remediation of emerging environmental pollutants through biodegradation offers an attractive, affordable, and sustainable approach to combat this problem. This special issue will elucidate the growing application of microbial biotechnology with a circular economic approach and examine the connection among environment, economy, and ecology for an emerging and supportable human society. The special issue will focus and showcase on abundant structures of environment issues including sustainability, stability, and circularity to overcome growing environmental challenges.

Broad topics under which the special issue will be invited but not limited to:

  • Waste management and recycling with zero waste adaptation technology
  • Novel methods and remediation techniques for environmental clean up
  • New technologies for Solid and liquid waste to energy generations
  • Microbial bioremediation for green energy generation and carbon neutrality
  • Biological systems for waste management and alternative biofuel production
  • Green technologies for industrial, biomedical, agricultural and emerging waste management
  • Consequences of pollution exposure and their monitoring for safeguarding human health
  • Emerging environmental pollutants and health hazardous like carcinogenicity and toxicity
  • Microbial contributions to diagnostics and therapeutics
  • Microbes’ role in disease prevention and personalized medicine
  • Ethical and regulatory dimensions of biomedicine
  • Green technologies for sustainable management of environmental resources and waste
  • Sustainable technology in the development of novel processes and products
  • Circular and sustainable economy model for developing and high populated countries
  • Waste recycling, reusing, repairing, and recovering value added products
  • Circular economy-based approach, regulations and policies to achieve sustainability
  • Circularity of waste resources for sustainable economy and supply chain management





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