ERIS特刊征稿|Grand Challenges in Sustainable Transportation

23 8月 2022 gabriels



Michael Taptich,亚马逊公司可持续发展科学与创新部门


Our collective actions over the next decades will determine whether society can maintain a path to avoid the most devastating effects of climate change. Shifting our transportation systems away from carbon-intensive energy and materials remains key. Resources needed to spur this transition are more readily available than ever before, and many solutions already exist.

Yet, there are numerous technological, infrastructural, and political barriers to achieving carbon neutrality and climate resiliency. These barriers also inhibit our abilities to minimize the impact transportation systems have on local communities. As scientists and engineers, we play a critical role in characterizing these ‘grand challenges,’ devising measurements to improve resource prioritization, and launching tools to facilitate mitigation efforts.

We invite contributions that focus on identifying and overcoming current headwinds for proliferating sustainable transportation systems by 2050. The intent of this special issue is to push forward quantitative and qualitative research to provide community and industry leaders with the right mental models for anticipating the needs of the future and preparing for action.

We encourage submissions from across disciplines and methodologies, covering the following topic areas:

  • Low-Carbon Transport Modes and Fuels (e.g., sustainable aviation fuels)
  • Climate Aware Transportation Networks
  • Net Zero Pathways for Transportation
  • Sustainable Infrastructure Materials
  • Urban Mobility and Goods Movement
  • Freight Transportation and Global Trade
  • Supply-Chain Decarbonization
  • Local Community Impacts (e.g., PM for health of people, and other criteria air pollutants)
  • Carbon Measurement (e.g., Life Cycle Assessment, Material Flow Analysis, etc.)
  • Innovation and “Moonshots”
  • Marginal Abatement Assessments / Cost Analysis
  • Optimization and Mathematical Modeling
  • Scenario Tools
  • Policy Analysis
  • Critical Reviews / Perspectives




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Environmental Research: Infrastructure and Sustainability

  • Environmental Research: Infrastructure and Sustainability(ERIS)是一本涵盖多学科的开放获取期刊,本期刊旨在发表针对各种规模和地理环境的基础建设及其相关系统所面临的各种挑战的研究,以及更广泛意义上的可持续性和持久性研究,包括环境、经济和社会因素等。我们欢迎包括定性、定量、实验性、理论及应用研究的所有方法学研究。