MST特刊征稿|Advanced Combustion Diagnostics

18 8月 2022 gabriels



  • Simone Hochgreb,英国剑桥大学
  • Naibo Jiang,美国Spectral Energies公司
  • 蔡伟伟,上海交通大学


Combustion is a complex physical-chemical process in which multiple physical parameters need to be quantified. Combustion diagnostics are powerful tools that can retrieve those parameters with high spatiotemporal resolutions. Such ability is crucial for the understanding and control of reacting flows, ranging from fundamental laminar flames in laboratories to turbulent flames in practical scenarios such as internal combustion engines, gas turbines, rocket engines and supersonic combustion. To address the vast demand for cutting-edge scientific research and industrial applications, various advanced diagnostic techniques have been developed in the past a few decades. The emergence of new methods, devices and algorithms has dramatically accelerated the development of combustion diagnostics. On the hardware front, ever faster excitation and detection devices have become available. On the data processing front, deep learning-based approaches have recently emerged as promising tools for data post-processing. This special issue aims to collect contributions about the development and applications of those techniques, with a particular focus on new challenges, issues and limitations of combustion diagnostics.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Diagnostics in extreme conditions (high temperature / pressure / turbulence and intense vibration, etc.)
  • Multi-dimensional and multi-field imaging
  • Data-driven approaches
  • New physical mechanisms
  • Applications of new lasers / detectors
  • Diagnostics for solid fuels, propellants and flame synthesis




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