22 5月 2023 gabriels
Dynamic manipulation of magnetism in topological materials is demonstrated here via a Floquet engineering approach using circularly polarized light. Increasing the strength of the laser field, besides the expected topological phase transition (PT), the magnetically doped topological insulator thin film also undergoes a magnetic PT from ferromagnetism to paramagnetism, whose critical behavior strongly depends on the quantum quenching. In sharp contrast to the equilibrium case, the non-equilibrium Curie temperatures vary for different time scale and experimental setup, not all relying on change of topology. Our discoveries deepen the understanding of the relationship between topology and magnetism in the non-equilibrium regime and extend optoelectronic device applications to topological materials.


Floquet engineering of magnetism in topological insulator thin films

Xiaoyu Liu, Benshu Fan, Hannes Hübener, Umberto De Giovannini, Wenhui Duan, Angel Rubio and Peizhe Tang(汤沛哲)



  • Angel Rubio,德国马克斯普朗克物质结构与动力学研究所/西班牙巴斯克大学/美国熨斗研究所计算量子物理中心
  • 汤沛哲,德国马克斯普朗克物质结构与动力学研究所/北京航空航天大学


Electronic Structure

  • Electronic Structure(EST)是一本新发表的多学科期刊,覆盖电子结构研究的理论和实验工作,包括新方法的开发。EST是第一本致力于服务电子结构领域的期刊,涵盖材料学、物理学、化学和生物学。除了原创性研究外,EST还发表专题综述、专刊和技术笔记。