JPhys Energy期刊2023年亮点文章

11 1月 2024 gabriels
我们汇总了2023年发表在JPhys Energy期刊发表的优秀文章,这些文章体现了期刊的高质量、创新性以及涵盖了受关注的研究工作。文章的选择基于一系列标准,包括优秀研究的展示、网络读者的受欢迎程度以及审稿人的高度赞扬。

感谢所有的作者和审稿人对JPhys Energy期刊的支持!

——JPhys Energy期刊出版人Myla Lloyd


PapersSizing solar-based mini-grids for growing electricity demand: Insights from rural India

Reena Sayani et al 2023 J. Phys. Energy 5 014004


Implications of the M-OO..OO-M recombination mechanism on materials screening and the oxygen evolution reaction

Kai S Exner 2023 J. Phys. Energy 5 014008


Towards low-cost sodium-ion batteries: electrode behavior of graphite electrodes obtained from spheroidization waste fractions and their structure-property relations

Ines Escher et al 2023 J. Phys. Energy 5 014011


Understanding the growth mechanism of BaZrS3 chalcogenide perovskite thin films from sulfurized oxide precursors

Santhanu Panikar Ramanandan et al 2023 J. Phys. Energy 5 014013


Enhancement of CO2RR product formation on Cu-ZnO-based electrodes by varying ink formulation and post-treatment methods

Theresa Jaster et al 2023 J. Phys. Energy 5 024001


Simulations with machine learning potentials identify the ion conduction mechanism mediating non-Arrhenius behavior in LGPS

Gavin Winter and Rafael Gómez-Bombarelli 2023 J. Phys. Energy 5 024004


Abnormal grain growth of 68Cu–16Al–16Zn alloys for elastocaloric cooling via cyclical heat treatments

Yuya Kawarada et al 2023 J. Phys. Energy 5 024012


Recent developments in 2D materials for energy harvesting applications

Gaurav Khandelwal et al 2023 J. Phys. Energy 5 032001


Predicting the work function of 2D MXenes using machine-learning methods

Pranav Roy et al 2023 J. Phys. Energy 5 034005


On the efficiency of caloric materials in direct comparison with exergetic grades of compressors

Jan Schipper et al 2023 J. Phys. Energy 5 045002



Two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides based composites for microwave absorption applications: a review

Lan Feng et al 2023 J. Phys. Energy 5 012001


Powering internet-of-things from ambient energy: a review

Arindom Chatterjee et al 2023 J. Phys. Energy 5 022001


Recent developments in 2D materials for energy harvesting applications

Gaurav Khandelwal et al 2023 J. Phys. Energy 5 032001



2023 roadmap for potassium-ion batteries

Yang Xu et al 2023 J. Phys. Energy 5 021502


Roadmap for a sustainable circular economy in lithium-ion and future battery technologies

Gavin D J Harper et al 2023 J. Phys. Energy 5 021501


2023 roadmap on photocatalytic water splitting

Detlef Bahnemann et al 2023 J. Phys. Energy 5 012004


Roadmap on exsolution for energy applications

Dragos Neagu et al 2023 J. Phys. Energy 5 031501


2023 Roadmap on molecular modelling of electrochemical energy materials

Chao Zhang et al 2023 J. Phys. Energy 5 041501


JPhys Energy

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