JPhysD特刊征稿|2D Materials for Battery Applications

21 2月 2024 gabriels



  • Minglei Sun,比利时安特卫普大学
  • 张文礼,广东工业大学
  • 鹿可,安徽大学
  • 钟承勇,重庆师范大学



To address the growing demand for efficient, safe, durable, and high-capacity energy storage systems, the development of advanced materials for battery applications has become increasingly important. Owing to their excellent properties such as high surface-volume ratio, ultrahigh electronic conductivity, and remarkable mechanical flexibility, 2D materials have attracted significant attention for battery applications in recent years, offering a tremendous opportunity for substantially improving energy storage devices. Indeed, the integration of 2D materials into batteries leads to a revolution of energy storage technologies by enhancing energy density, cycle life, and safety. This special issue aims to provide a platform for researchers to showcase their latest findings and breakthroughs in the field of 2D materials for battery applications. This special issue aims to report the latest findings and breakthroughs of the application of 2D materials in various battery types, including metal-ion batteries, metal batteries, metal-sulfur batteries, and beyond.

The scope of this special issue includes but is not limited to:

  • Theoretical design and computational simulations of 2D materials for battery electrodes.
  • Synthesis and functionalization of 2D materials for battery electrodes.
  • Electrochemical properties and performance of 2D material-based batteries.
  • Integration of 2D materials into existing battery systems.
  • Novel 2D material-based batteries.





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