PHYSSCR特刊征稿|Celebrating 30 Years of Lasers and Plasmas in Lisbon

17 5月 2023 gabriels



  • J T Mendonça,葡萄牙里斯本大学
  • LuÍs O Silva,葡萄牙里斯本大学


2023 marks the 30th anniversary of the Group of Lasers and Plasmas at Instituto Superior Tecnico (now University of Lisbon). The activity of the group has touched some of the exciting topics and frontier topics in lasers and plasmas in the past 30 years. This focus collection brings together leading experts of these fields and collaborators of the Group to provide key scientific contributions on the state-of-the-art developments of the field. We invite contributions from authors that provide theoretical, numerical and experimental guidelines for advancing the area of lasers and plasmas, and associated topics. They include:
  • Wakefield acceleration and other schemes for particle acceleration
  • Development of simulation codes for laser-plasma interaction
  • Relativistic ionisation fronts and photon acceleration
  • Magnetic field generation, particle transport and radiation processes in plasmas
  • Laser development and new diagnostics for laser fusion
  • High-Harmonic generation and XUV lasers sources
  • Laboratory astrophysics using laser, plasmas and laser-cooled matter
  • Neutrino-plasma and axion-plasma physics
  • QED and quantum plasmas


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