PRGB特刊征稿|Advances in in silico trials of medical products

25 7月 2022 gabriels


Alejandro Frangi,比利时鲁汶大学/英国利兹大学
Aldo Badano,美国食品和药物管理局


In silico trials (ISTs) for medical drugs and devices have gained increased popularity as cost-effective alternatives to their clinical counterparts. ISTs promise dramatic reductions in the resources needed for assessing novel technologies and for generating evidence in support of regulatory evaluation for safety and effectiveness. Some have suggested significant cost reductions comparing an all-in-silico approach versus an equivalent clinical trial with humans. Others have argued for and reported on incremental implementation of the in silico methodologies that complement or refine the design of clinical trials based on predictions from the in silico trial outcomes.

This special issue compiles Topical Review and Perspective articles across all fields of medicine for in silico trials methodologies encompassing the generation of digital cohorts, the physics and physiological modelling of medical diagnostics and therapeutics and the analytical and statistical methods to estimate outcome metrics. We also welcome Reviews and Perspectives that provide further evidence and exemplars demonstrating the relevance of in silico methodologies as adjuncts and accelerants to more traditional sources of scientific evidence.




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Progress in Biomedical Engineering

  • Progress in Biomedical Engineering(PRGB)是一本全新的跨学科期刊,发表在生物医学工程研究领域中高质量的权威综述和观点。PRGB发表的综述内容包括:组织工程学;生物力学;机器人技术;生物医学成像和计算;给药系统;康复学;细胞和分子工程;神经工程学;信号处理;测量和仪器;医疗设备;纳米技术和医学;计算机辅助干预;生物材料体积等。