31 3月 2023 gabriels


Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

Dislocations in 4H silicon carbide

Jiajun Li, Guang Yang, Xiaoshuang Liu, Hao Luo, Lingbo Xu, Yiqiang Zhang, Can Cui, Xiaodong Pi, Deren Yang and Rong Wang


Flexible and Printed Electronics

A high-reliability scan driver integrated circuit by MO TFTs for a foldable display

Chun Liu, Lei Zhou, Zhao-Hua Zhou, Fei-Fan Li, Xiao-Qin Wei, Miao Xu, Lei Wang, Wei-Jing Wu and Jun-Biao Peng


2D Materials

0D to 2D carbon-based materials in flexible strain sensors: recent advances and perspectives

Guodong Liu, Zhuoqing Zhang, Zhijian Li, Linghua Guo and Lulu Ning


Environmental Research Letters

Macro energy systems modeling for the least developed and developing countries—a call for action

Paulina Jaramillo


It is high time we monitor the deep ocean

Céline Heuzé, Sarah G Purkey and Gregory C Johnson



Ultrafast high-temperature sintering and thermoelectric properties of n-doped Mg2Si

Stefano Boldrini, Alberto Ferrario, Stefano Fasolin, Alvise Miozzo and Simona Barison


A new precursor route for the growth of NbO2 thin films by chemical vapor deposition

Reetendra Singh, Pallellappa Chithaiah and C N R Rao


Materials Research Express

A review on MXene for energy storage application: effect of interlayer distance

Ruby Garg, Alpana Agarwal and Mohit Agarwal


Investigation on tailoring physical properties of Nickel Oxide thin films grown by dc magnetron sputtering

Parashurama Salunkhe, Muhammed Ali A V and Dhananjaya Kekuda


Physica Scripta

Convex-rogue, half-kink, cusp-soliton and other bidirectional wave-solutions to the generalized Pochhammer-Chree equation

Imad Jaradat, Marwan Alquran, Sania Qureshi, Tukur A Sulaiman and Abdullahi Yusuf


Structure of spherically symmetric objects: a study based on structure scalars

Z Yousaf