ERC特刊征稿|Focus on Global Environmental Sustainability

06 2月 2023 gabriels



  • 罗平平,长安大学
  • 贺斌,广东省科学院生态环境与土壤研究所
  • Pedro Chaffe,巴西圣卡塔琳娜州联邦大学
  • 胡茂川,中山大学
  • Nor Eliza Alias,马来西亚理工大学
  • Ahmed Elbeltagi,埃及曼苏拉大学


Frequency of water-related disasters arising from floods, droughts, tropical cyclones, landslides and tsunamis has obviously expanded in recent decades and appears to keep on being increasing. Natural disaster risk assessment is of vital importance for the sustainable management of ecological and urban environments. It is worth noting that we hope to receive the impact of natural disasters (single or multiple) on the sustainability of ecology and urban development, including ecological diversity, environmental carrying capacity, urban economic development, etc.
We connect natural disaster risk assessment with the sustainability of ecological environment development to meet global environmental challenges. Due to the different ecological and economic conditions of each region and country, we encourage researchers to focus their research on a specific region or country to reach the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations. Meanwhile, we encourage researchers to adopt novel research methods to carry out sustainability research from various perspectives, and give specific natural disaster indicators, specific impacts on ecological environment management, and future development trends.

Contributions covering the following topics are encouraged:

  • Modelling, risk assessments and sustainability of global and/or regional natural disasters
  • The spatial and temporal distribution of regional natural disasters, and impacts on the sustainability of ecological environment management and urban development
  • Correlations between resilience of ecological environment and urban development to natural disasters and sustainability indicators
  • Global environmental problem analysis using remote sensing, modelling and other methods
  • Countermeasures of ecological environment governance and urban sustainable development

We encourage the use of cross sectoral and multidisciplinary work involving stakeholders where appropriate, and welcome case studies, model simulations, review articles, meta-analyses and forward-looking articles.

We welcome direct submissions from the community (those not directly invited). Authors who would like to check the suitability of a manuscript prior to submission, should send a draft or abstract to for discussion.





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