28 4月 2023 gabriels


Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

Recent progress in waveguide-integrated photodetectors based on 2D materials for infrared detection

Guo Yi Huang, Yabin Hao, Shi Qi Li, Yi Ding Jia, Jin Chuan Guo, Han Zhang and Bing Wang


The 2022 applied physics by pioneering women: a roadmap

Begoña Abad, Kirstin Alberi, Katherine E Ayers, Sushmee Badhulika, Chunmei Ban, Hélène Béa, Fanny Béron, Julie Cairney, Jane P Chang, Christine Charles, Mariadriana Creatore, Hui Dong, Jia Du, Renate Egan, Karin Everschor-Sitte, Cathy Foley, Anna Fontcuberta i Morral, Myung-Hwa Jung, Hyunjung Kim, Sarah Kurtz, Jieun Lee, Diana C Leitao, Kristina Lemmer, Amy C Marschilok, Bogdana Mitu, Bonna K Newman, Roisin Owens, Anna-Maria Pappa, Youngah Park, Michelle Peckham, Liane M Rossi, Sang-Hee Shim, Saima Afroz Siddiqui, Ji-Won Son, Sabina Spiga, Sedina Tsikata, Elisa Vianello, Karen Wilson, Hiromi Yuasa, Ilaria Zardo, Iryna Zenyuk, Yanfeng Zhang and Yudi Zhao


2D Materials

Porous carbon nanosheets for oxygen reduction reaction and Zn-air batteries

Shahzeb Ali Samad, Ziyu Fang, Pengfei Shi, Jinhui Zhu, Chenbao Lu, Yuezeng Su and Xiaodong Zhuang


Two-dimensional conjugated metal–organic frameworks TM3(HAT)2: a new family of promising single-atom electrocatalysts for efficient nitrogen fixation

Chun Wang, Xiaocheng Zhou and Yafei Li


Environmental Research Letters

On the use of household expenditure surveys to monitor mismanaged plastic waste from food packaging in low- and middle-income countries

Jim Allan Wright, Simon Damkjaer, Heini Vaisanen, Quaranchie Adama-Tettey, Mawuli Dzodzomenyo, Allan G Hill, Lorna Grace Okotto, Joseph Okotto-Okotto and Peter Shaw


Disconnectivity matters: the outsized role of small ephemeral wetlands in landscape-scale nutrient retention

Frederick Y Cheng, Junehyeong Park, Mukesh Kumar and Nandita B Basu



Nanoimprint lithography-based replication techniques for fabrication of metal and polymer biomimetic nanostructures for biosensor surface functionalization

Bharat Nowduri, Anette Britz-Grell, Monika Saumer and Dominique Decker


A perspective on the physical scaling down of hafnia-based ferroelectrics

Ju Yong Park, Dong Hyun Lee, Geun Hyeong Park, Jaewook Lee, Younghwan Lee and Min Hyuk Park


Materials Research Express

Effects of porosity on the mechanical properties of additively manufactured components: a critical review

Ahmad Y Al-Maharma, Sandeep P Patil and Bernd Markert


Spinel zinc ferrite nanoparticles: an active nanocatalyst for microwave irradiated solvent free synthesis of chalcones

Ravikumar M Borade, Sandeep B Somvanshi, Swati B Kale, Rajendra P Pawar and K M Jadhav


Physica Scripta

First principles study of electronic, optical, and thermoelectric properties of K2Pd (Cl/Br)6 for solar cells and renewable energy

Q Mahmood, Taharh Zelai, Ghazanfar Nazir, Hind Albalawi, A I Aljameel, Imran Aslam, S Bouzgarrou, Abeer Mera, H H Hegazy and M H Alhossainy


Fractional order mathematical model of monkeypox transmission dynamics

Olumuyiwa James Peter, Festus Abiodun Oguntolu, Mayowa M Ojo, Abdulmumin Olayinka Oyeniyi, Rashid Jan and Ilyas Khan


Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical

Dynamics of quantum double dark-solitons and an exact finite-size scaling of Bose–Einstein condensation

Kayo Kinjo, Jun Sato and Tetsuo Deguchi